UBT certifies E-Commerce Consultants

UBT certifies E-Commerce Consultants

Participants working on the ICECC certification project
Participants working on the ICECC certification project

IN response to the increasing development and potential needs in the e-commerce market in Saudi Arabia, the University of Business and Technology (UBT) in Jeddah delivered the International Certification in E-Commerce, Certified E-Commerce Consultant (ICECC).

Conducted at UBT Continuing Education Center (CEC) at the King Road Tower, the 18 participants in the 4-day program overviewed e-commerce tools and certain social media platforms as they integrate them into the marketing mix and then design and develop an online business application.

In collaboration with the Global Academy of Finance and Management in the United States, the program was delivered by German expert trainer in marketing and communication Thomas Herbst.

In launching a series of international professional certified programs sourced to benefit its senior students and graduates as they move ahead in achieving their educational goals and careers, UBT has put into strong motion its motto of “Education for Job Opportunities.”

In addition to its academic degrees, each department of the three University Colleges (College of Business Administration, College of Engineering and Information Technology, Jeddah College of Advertising) will have its own distinctive qualifying international professional certification, thus equipping its graduates with a competitive edge.

These certifications are financially subsidized by the University and delivered over the next two months. Upon successful completion of the requirements, each participant will be entitled to the certificate awarded by the honoring international certification body, as well as to the fellow membership in those international bodies. UBT graduates and alumni will now have a double qualification to offer a demanding job market, thus increasing their chances of being hired.

Amir Dhia, Director of UBT CEC, stressed the importance of this certification as a leading and competitive advantage for UBT students and graduates to both academically and professionally qualify them for the job market. He added that the new certification programs are open to UBT senior level and MBA students, while UBT alumni may also enroll to update and upgrade their professional competencies.

The departments included in the international certifications are accounting, finance, human resources, management of information systems, marketing, supply chain, industrial engineering, civil engineering, electronics and communication, computer engineering, information technology, advertising communication, advertising management, and advertising creative design. — SG