VR Lounge makes Comic-Con debut

VR Lounge makes Comic-Con debut

VR Lounge

ONE of the things we hear quite a lot in Jeddah is that there is nothing to do — obviously we disagree. Apart from eating and shopping (although, this does take up a lot of our time) we actually think there is quite a lot to do! But one thing that does lack is wholesome, fun, incredible mind-boggling entertainment and that’s where VR Lounge comes in!

What is it you ask? VR Lounge is Saudi Arabia’s first virtual reality (VR) gaming hub and lounge. What is VR? Well it’s rather quite simple; it’s a simulated environment in which a user is immersed through visual, physical and audio simulation. In simple terms, you have to experience it for yourself, because there are actually no words to describe the feeling! Imagine flying over Paris, reaching out and touching a whale or fighting off waves of alien invaders and thinking to yourself it’s actually really happening!

This week VR is participating in the Saudi Comic-Con, booth EX90, so come on down and experience virtual reality for yourself with our 15-minute VR immersions. To make things easier you can even pre-book your sessions online @ http://vrloungeksa.com/product/vr-immersion and pay online or at the VR stand.

Set to open at the beginning of March, 2017, VR Lounge is located at 4423 Qasam Zainah Street in Al-Rawdah district in Jeddah. VR Lounge is both a pioneer shop where people can experience frontier technology, as well as a casual lounge to users to chill between sessions and have a little ristretto and biscotti while they’re waiting.

With a wide range of games and experiences, as well a variety of booking types; 30 minutes or 1 hour, single or group bookings, 3 months to one-year memberships – there’s something there for everyone, for all ages, gamers and non-gamers alike! Pre-book your sessions or memberships now to receive up to 30% off, @ http://vrloungeksa.com/book-now/ !

VR Lounge is a partnership by a group of hardcore gamers, marketers and fun loving people set up to fill a void in the local entertainment and gaming industry, a void between the real and the virtual. — SG