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VOL: 379 — ISSUE NO: 14535 — SATURDAY 22 JULY 2017, 28 SHAWWAL — 1438

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The ugliness within


Palestinian-Syrian stylist shaves celebrity portraits into clients’ hair


Creative with hijab


Netanyahu’s hot mic moment






NAlgerian biomedi-

cal engineer is on a

mission to make it

easier for women to

find work in Saudi

Arabia by creating the first job-

searching website for females in

the Kingdom.

Australian-born Naziha Deri-

che, 23, who was raised in Saudi

Arabia, realized after completing

her postgraduate studies in Syd-

ney last year that it was hard for

her and her friends to find jobs in

Saudi Arabia.

“Most of the jobs advertised

are ... for males in Saudi Arabia,”

Deriche told the Thomson Reuters

Foundation by phone.

So she set up a free website

in March this year called “Alajna-

bia”, or foreigner in Arabic, with

the aim of increasing the amount

of women in the workforce by

connecting job seekers with re-


The Kingdom is trying to di-

versify its economy and reduce its

reliance on oil with its Vision 2030

economic reform plan setting a

target to lift women’s participation

in the workforce to 30 percent by

2030 from 22 percent.

Women can now work in cer-

tain retail and hospitality jobs and

this year the Saudi Stock Exchange

appointed its first female chair,

Sarah Al-Suhaimi.

Deriche said she and her

friends saw the main issue with

female unemployment as not just

the few available jobs but also

poor advertising.

Deriche, who is working with

40 recruitment agencies, said the

website has had 1,000 resumes

uploaded since it was set up and

keeps growing.

On the site job seekers can

look for work and also employers

can advertise jobs and look at the

women’s resumes. Jobs are also

advertised on website’s social me-

dia platforms.

“We’re creating a healthy en-

vironment for competition where

people are hired based on their

skills, their qualifications, their

abilities — rather than connec-

tions, or through word of mouth, or

through knowing someone,” said


“I know people may think it’s

just a job board, but it was more

of a social initiative. I wanted it to

be something to simulate women


According to a report released

by the Ministry of Labor and So-

cial Development in March, the

number of working women has

dramatically increased in Saudi

Arabia during the last four years.

It said the country’s private

sector registered a 130 percent

increase in the number of working

Saudi women during the last four

years. Thirty percent of the total

Saudi workforce in the private sec-

tor is now represented by women.

According to the report, Ri-

yadh has the highest employment

opportunities followed by Makkah.

Under the National Transfor-

mation Program 2020, the ministry

has launched several projects,

including allowing women to work

from home, amid expectations that

it would generate 141,000 jobs.

The project is proving popular

among women, mainly for those

living outside major cities in the

Kingdom, as it provides them with

flexible timings and enables them

to avoid the challenges of commut-

ing to the workplace.


Saudi Gazette report


HE design of Al-Diriyah

Gate will be inspired by

local motifs in integra-

tion with the distinctive

surrounding and urban

heritage, according to sources.

A Royal Order on Thursday

approved the establishment of

Al-Diriyah Gate Renovation Com-


The gate opens up the history

of the Kingdom and its cultural


It has a unique location over-

looking the banks of Wadi Hanifa

and is an extension of Al-Bijeiri Dis-

trict from the east.

It will have a number of histori-

cal, educational and cultural fa-

cilities, most important of which is

the Islamic Museum.

Its squares and parks are

linked with a network of walkways

having a distinctive architectural

and environmental design.

The project will attract a lot of

investments and it will enhance

private sector participation.

The board of directors of Al-

Diriyah Gate Renovation Commis-

sion will be chaired by the Crown

Prince, Deputy Premier and Minis-

ter of Defense, who is also Chair-

man of the Council for Economic

and Development Affairs.

Al-Ula and Al-Diriyah are

among the most important cultural

heritage sites throughout the histo-

ry of the Kingdom. They comprise

great archeological monuments.

They have ancient monuments

dating back to the Thamud and

Madaen Saleh epochs and the

Stone Age.

It is an integrated tourist city.

Through the care of these sites,

the Kingdom tries to make them

among the most important visiting

places in the Middle East.

The Kingdom aims to attract

over one million tourists from within

the Kingdom and abroad.

Diriyah Gate is a vital cultural

tourism project as it comprises the

biggest Islamic Museum in the

Middle East.

There is a mud city including

King Salman Library, markets,

malls, restaurants and celebration


The area of the Project for De-

veloping Diriyah Gate exceeds

1.5 million square meters.


A Royal Order on

Thursday approved

the establishment

of Al-Diriyah Gate

Renovation Commission

A gate to Kingdom’s history


Website connects Saudi female job seekers with recruiters

The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) has trained thousands of Saudi women in mobile phone repair and maintenance after

the sector was 100% Saudized. — File photo







The Kingdom is

trying to diversify

its economy

and reduce its

reliance on oil

with its Vision

2030 economic

reform plan

setting a target

to lift women’s

participation in the

workforce to 30

percent by 2030

from 22 percent.