The Art of Fashion Styling Saudi Men

The Art of Fashion Styling Saudi Men


By Mariam Nihal

There is only so much you should take for granted and fashion for one is not part of that conversation. Don’t be the ‘copy and paste’ replica of a blogger on Instagram but go ahead and create your own style with the latest fads. Think about it. When you look at trends, it is not about the accessory or a type of clothing say for the sake of it being a street wear icon, it is what you like about it. So it is all about what suits you best and a look that works for you- hence the ‘who wore it better’ challenge. The idea is to be able to make it work for you than for anyone else.

Velvet Jackets

It’s not just about any jacket this season. It’s all about the texture and tailoring. When it comes to the hottest trend right now, well-structured velvet jackets dominate it. Check out the beautiful blue Hugo Boss satin-trimmed velvet jacket and Kingsman’s velvet in burgundy. Etro has one for the rockstars in black sequined velvet and Lanvin does classics like their navy satin-trimmed cotton-velvet tuxedo jacket.

Extra Long Sleeves

This is a universal one. Knowing how to pull this off isn’t easy. But it really does work for those with effortless style and enigma.

Slim-Fit Tuxedo Jacket

This category has way too many winners and is one you can’t go wrong with. If you have an event or wedding coming up soon, then definitely look at Dries Van Noten’s slim-fit jacquard tuxedo jacket and Haider Ackermann’s slim-fit wool tuxedo jacket.
Make sure it fits well and do not mistake it for a relaxed or baggy look. If it is too tight on the shoulders or too wide, get a different size.
Right now it is all about the classic slim-fit look. This works better for almost all body types.

Double-Breasted Faux Fur Coat

If John Legend in this Saint Laurent faux fur jacket doesn’t do it for you then nothing will. A more affordable yet trendy look is available at Zara and remember when it comes to this trend, less is more.

Copper color

Pigments are always a strong deciding factor when it comes to choosing a statement piece. This year the runway fashion trends saw copper make an appearance and one that was loved in fashion weeks around the world.

All Neutral

You can blame it on the Yeezy collection or just a monochrome phase but walk around any fashion weeks or gatherings and you will easily spot a crew that sports the same or all neutral colors head to toe.

Floral Prints

Now that the biggest brands support the trend, those who were shy to wear it earlier can easily come out of the closet without any judgment. Gucci is truly inspirational in a way that it has sparked off many such trends this season. Rappers and music icons are seen sporting this trend in casuals but mostly on jackets. You can also use them in subtle ways to really make it pop like slim ties in floral prints to brighten up suits or a floral pocket square works too.

Statement Coats

Are all the rage and we love it. Thanks to Dior, Louis Vuitton and Dries Van Noten the big brands have set off another trend we are grateful for. You can fix and restore any outfit or fashion failure with a well-fitted striking coat. Not only are they great for winter but make you billboard material.