Art history

Art history

Banksy and dali visit amsterdam 


By Mariam Nihal

Dreams come true for art fanatics. The mastermind Salvadori Dali and the world’s favorite street artist Banksy took over Amsterdam in a new exhibition showcasing some of their most prominent works at Moco Museum. Walking through this museum is nothing less than a journey through time. With installations spread over two floors in a traditional mansion setting with an underground gift store, you can easily spend hours here. With over 90 different original works by Banksy, the Moco museum offers enormous potential to become one of the largest Banksy exhibitions in the world.


Known as the king of street art, Banksy is a British artist who is known best for remaining anonymous. You see his extraordinary works pop up in ordinary neighborhoods or over Gaza walls overnight and take the world by storm. Banksy started off as a graffiti artist and his works are often satirical, humorous and meaningful, poking fun at political standpoints. Many of his street works including those on canvas and real pieces are displayed at the Moco museum. Even the SWAT van with Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and police officers is preserved underground in an indoor installation. There is a huge canvas piece of the famous painting: ‘beanfield’, ‘the girl with Balloon’, ‘Laugh now and’ ‘keep it real’ are some of the highlights of the collection. Salvador Dali, the intellectualist and artist is an inspirational soul that speaks to the world till date. His works are a combination of science, moral theories, mankind and relationships.  Dalí grew up in the small town of Figueres in the Spanish region of Catalonia and studied at the Madrid Academy of Art. Known to be a genius and work of art himself, he once said: “When I was six years old, I wanted to be a cook. When I was seven, I wanted to be Napoleon. Since then, my ambition has continued to grow at the same pace.” Not one to shy away from commercial art either, a lesser-known fact is that Dalí designed the logo for the well-known lollipop brand ‘Chupa-Chups’. But while you are at a Dali exhibition you know the one piece you really want to see is ‘the profile of time’ and rest assured you will. This sculpture echoes Dali’s famous 1931 painting ‘The Persistence of Memory’ in which the melted watch liquefies over a tree and forms into a human profile underling the interminable relationship between man and time. Other works available at the exhibition are from ‘Woman Aflame’, Moise et Monotheisme, works based on influences by Freud and many more.

About Museum Moco

The Moco museum is a private initiative of gallery owners Lionel and Kim Logchies. The exhibition is made available by their carefully constructed international network in the field of art. Part of the museum’s proceeds will be donated to the charities close to the hearts of the initiative containers. Moco museum is located in the center for art lovers, namely in central Amsterdam, the Museumplein. Moco is located in Villa Alsberg, which is a beautiful traditional mansion. Eduard Cuypers designed the mansion in 1904.

The exhibition runs ‪till April 9.‬