Rolls-Royce Bespoke audio emits astounding sensation

Rolls-Royce Bespoke audio emits astounding sensation

Perfect acoustic balance and audio performance is central to the design process of every R-R car
Perfect acoustic balance and audio performance is central to the design process of every R-R car

ROLLS-Royce Motor Cars employs the finest craftsmen for the creation of each and every single car created at the home of the ultra-luxury marque, Goodwood, in the UK. This does not apply only to the traditional handcrafts of marquetry, tailoring and painting, but also to the technological details of the car, such as the Bespoke Audio sound system.

Perfect acoustic balance and audio performance is central to the design process of every R-R car

Finely tuned by the specialized audio engineers and incorporating the finest hardware and latest connectivity advances, Rolls-Royce Bespoke Audio is one of the most advanced automotive hi-fi systems that the brand’s discerning patrons will ever experience.

Perfect acoustic balance and audio performance is central to the design process of every Rolls-Royce Motor Car; therefore the in-house audio engineers are consulted on the possible effects of any engineering changes on the performance of the audio system long before any designing processes commence – a practice unparalleled in the automotive world.

Eighteen individually-tuned speakers, with both theatre and studio settings, deliver a pure ‘larger than life’ sensation, due to the carefully studied distribution throughout the car. Complementing the seven speakers meticulously placed throughout the cabin, two bass speakers are located in the boot, along with two ‘exciter’ speakers in the roof-lining to bring the sound to the occupant’s ear level, creating a completely unique listening sensation.

The system also utilizes a highly sensitive microphone to constantly monitor ambient exterior noise, subtly adjusting the volume and tone settings accordingly, to ensure the system delivers consistent sound perfection. The technology complements this with frequency and phase correction for individual speakers, eliminating potential loud and dead spots caused by outside voice influences – another unique automotive experience.

Supplementing this industry-leading audio engineering in the true spirit of Sir Henry Royce, the powerful and dynamic Ghost Series II boasts an on-board hard drive that holds 20.5 GB of storage, meaning it can host approximately 5,700 musical items via the USB port that is located within the center console or glove compartment. Music importation is also possible through iPod and iPad connections, as well as Bluetooth audio streaming from any smart phone.

A number of music searches can also be made via the Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller, including a “play more like this” function, whilst there is also an online Gracenote which allows access for CDs and vinyl records, to make navigating music collections an effortless experience.

Another car that exemplifies the unique audio experience is the Rolls-Royce Phantom: which features special rear seat options such as theatre configuration (which enhances the seat arrangement further), and a DVD entertainment system which offers rear passengers a chance to relax whilst watching 6.5 inch monitors, housed in the back of the front seats. The center console also houses headphone sockets and the six-disc DVD changer is fitted under the front seats. There is also a second, foldaway controller that operates the read DVD, TV and sound systems, allowing rear passengers to listen to a separate audio source from those in the front cabin.

Every element of a Rolls-Royce Motor Car is carefully considered to ensure the finest luxury travel experience, and so the Bespoke Audio system is no different as it is specifically tuned for the uncompromising Rolls-Royce clientele, offering a performance in line with the unmatched standards of the legendary automotive marque. — SG