New destinations to explore in 2017

New destinations to explore in 2017


By Mariam Nihal


Georgia has become one of the hottest destinations and provides a great mix of Europe and Asia. A former Soviet republic it is home to Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches. 

With many tourist attractions, Georgia is a new spot for students and couples who consider it to be more affordable than other European countries. 

Its beautiful landscape is famous for adventure and outdoor activities. 

 Tbilisi, is known for its unique architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets of its old town. History lovers should go through Narikala Fortress and Uplistsikhe. One of the main attractions is Vardzia, a cave monastery from the 12th century.

The country is shaped by mountains, rivers, valleys and meadows.  Lately a spot for young travelers looking for adventure you can enjoy exploring its natural beauty on horseback or indulge in trekking, paragliding, rafting and hiking. 

Sri Lanka

A great spot for families and friends, Sri Lanka is one of the most visited places in Asia.  The tropical island nation of Sri Lanka offers abundant and unspoiled natural beauty. 

With stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, 15 national parks, nearly 500,000 acres of lush tea estates, 250 acres of botanical gardens, 350 waterfalls, 25,000 water bodies and a culture that dates back to over 3000 years, the country is a must visit destination this year. 

Sigiriya is also referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of World”.

Kandy holds beautifully carved houses, palaces and murals that have been preserved for nearly 500 years even after being destroyed more than thrice by the invading Portuguese.

Sri Lanka is home to some of the most luxurious resorts and a perfect getaway option you should consider. 


Jordan is part of the land bridge linking Europe, Africa and Asia. With thousands of archeological sites from different periods in time, it holds a significant amount of history. Jordan encompasses natural beauty and has some of the most beautiful beaches and historic sites. In ancient Amman 

Roman columns and the ruins of an Islamic-era palace tower look over a Roman theatre in the heart of the city. Explore Wadi Rum for a true desert experience with vast valleys, mountains, red dunes and beautiful panoramas. You can end your day or watch the sunset at Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. Explore the Azraq oasis, in the east of Amman  for wildlife activities or bird-watching excursions. Indulge in Red Sea diving and snorkeling for an unforgettable underwater experience. Discover Jerash which is the current site of the former Greco-Roman city, Gerasa. The city was revived  through the excavation of ruins and is now the second most visited tourism destination in the country. Exploring Petra, the beautiful city of ruins, lost to the modern world for ages until 1812 when it was rediscovered.