Ride the Flag

Ride the Flag


Ride the Flag

 By Roger Harrison
Saudi Gazette

The thunder of nearly 100 gleaming motorcycles in strict formation rolled through the streets of Ras Al Khaimah on Friday 4 November as the UAE Bikers Club honoured Flag Day.

 “It is very heartening to see so many bikers, some from other Emirates, gather here in RAK to honour the flag,” said Mohamed Al Belooshi, ride organiser. “Today is a moment of national pride, and we are honoured to express it in this very public way.”

 The ride began on the elegant RAK Corniche and the first landmark passed on the ride was, appropriately, the huge flagstaff proudly bearing the national flag.

Ride the Flag

Hussam Qadan, a marine captain from Jordan, said that he had been in the UAE since he was born. “It is my country. I came with the group to raise the unified flag high and to show my love and patriotism for the country that has given me everything.”

The formation of gleaming motorcycles trimmed and decked out for the day, made its way through the western suburbs of RAK City and into the Hajar Mountains and on the winding road that leads to Jebel Jais, the highest point in the UAE.

At the top, the riders stopped for rest and reflection, inspired by the magnificent views over Ras Al Khaima 3000 metres below and onward south to Umm Al Quain and beyond.

Christina GuGu, a German civil engineer and architect who has lived in the UAE for 10 years, said that she joined the group to celebrate and to show her solidarity for her adopted home.

“I like the UAE and the brotherhood, and I am proud to have an opportunity to live and work here,” she said.

Al Belooshi confided that he was actively organising a much bigger event that would culminate in a mass ride across the UAE on National Day, December 2this year.