Camouflage your jacket not your style

Camouflage your jacket not your style

One bulletproof piece you need this fall


By Mariam Nihal
Saudi Gazette

If you don’t have one yet, it is time to invest in one. You have seen your favorite celebrity sport the Camo-Jacket and the trend has now successfully trickled down to the common fashion outlets. The trend is laidback, super cool and makes a statement wherever you go. The whole idea is for it to be comfortable, oversized, and a versatile jacket that makes you stand out or blend in making it the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.

Girls can wear it with an evening dress and heels or just dress it down with sneakers. Men can pair it with boots or Yeezy’s, like Kanye does or just throw it over casuals to give it that star power.

If you thought this trend is coming to an end, think again. It is not just your favorite Instagram celebrity rocking it, but look at all the fashion runways around the world.

The jackets made an appearance on the spring 2017 runways with the likes of Valentino, Cerruti, Lutz Huelle and Marc Jacobs among many more, making a statement that they are unstoppable and heading to take over next year’s fashion trends too.

The trend has passed on to jeans, hats and even designer totes, there is nothing it cannot camouflage. Valentino, for instance, still offers camo sneakers, jackets, totes and suits. Nike is still at it and so are the biggest fashion retailers and online shopping boutiques. Better yet, everything is now embellished, either with stickers, pop art or patches.  “Camo is the trick birthday candle of patterns,” said Jonathan Evans, fashion director of East Dane. “Every time you think it’s gone out, it starts back up again.” Perhaps it is the arguable neutral tone that helps mix it up with everything easily. A lot of the colors now dominating the fashion scene go back to Yeezy season one. The heavy emphasis on olive green with camouflage and earth tones has been dominating the runway trends for two years now and Ye just rammed the throttle forward. “Kanye did earth tones in a big way and that’s what has had such an impact,” says Matthew Braun, design manager at River Island. “He also layers similar earth tones, which is partly why he’s become so synonymous with that look.” Head over to Zara, Top Shop, Pull and Bear and other contemporary fashion brands at the mall to check out the new exciting range for this fall.

Layering with neutrals and casual denim works best for a classic look or even an electric YSL dress underneath can do the trick. The world is yours for the taking and this is no exception.
Go ahead and get your ‘camo’ fix today!