Kattwalk- Keep Up With The Latest Footwear Trends

Kattwalk- Keep Up With The Latest Footwear Trends


By Mariam Nihal

Kattwalk is a story of three sisters Razan, Rana and Rawan Kattoa, based in Jeddah. “We were born in different cities and lived our early childhood and teenage years in Riyadh. We were brought up very closely to each other and the strong family bond is part of the spirit of our brand,” Razan said.

The sisters identified a gap in the Saudi market for fashionable footwear and took the opportunity to create footwear that is easily accessible and affordable. “We are in continuous search for statement pieces and we keep looking at how fashion is changing every day, what is trending now and then made those trends available and affordable to all the trend seekers out there. We’ve started with shoes which unlike clothing, do not discriminate by shape, size or age and anyone can look great in a pair of high heels,” Rawan added.

Discussing plans for the brand, Rawan added that even though the focus will remain on shoes, they won’t  stop there. “We plan to expand to apparel and accessories and make those available throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” she added.

Their mother, Eman Malaika, has been a continual inspiration for the girls. “Especially when we look back at her old photos in the 70s and early 80s and see how stylish she was when creativity wasn’t seen as something to be encouraged at the time. We definitely inherited the love for good style whether in fashion or in home décor. As we grew older and became more independent, we received compliments on our fashion choices which made us always discuss and consider contributing to the fashion industry,” Razan said.

Still new to the game, the girls are trying to figure out their customers but apprehensive of ‘the current hiccup in the economy’ and which distribution channel to use.

“The high costs of shipping and transportation are our biggest challenge at this point. It has become relatively quick and easy to get necessary materials and pieces from other places in the world, but the cost associated with getting them on time remains fairly expensive. This cost is eventually transformed to our customers and doesn’t serve our mission on making high quality fashion affordable,” Rawan said. Kattwalk is focused on fashion and trend lovers who are constantly looking for statement pieces. Check out the latest modernised Bohemian collection on their Instagram @kattwalkconcept.