Men’s fashion Picks: The Backpacks are back!

Men’s fashion Picks: The Backpacks are back!

Saudi Fashion Trends 


By Mariam Nihal

Sure there was a phase in school where the traditional two-strap was an outcast but now it has emerged as the ultimate hero everyone wants.

A backpack for the road does not mean one for hiking or as a utility piece but rather one that you can wear to work or even a fashion show. Obviously each occasion deserves a special one and we have picked some of the hottest trends out there for those of you who like to make an effort.

Whether it is your gym bag or one you are wearing to an artsy event in town, make sure it is an extension of your personality regardless of the brand or make.

It is really important to make sure you are not trying to be something you’re not. Accessorizing and making fashion statements are about who you are what you like to represent. We have listed our choices of the coolest pieces out there but while selecting your next purchase, ensure it resonates with you and your fashion sense. Sure some brands like Louis Vuitton design bags that are just classic pieces and must-haves but do not give in to the hype. If it is not your style, move on to the next. Vanity is pointless, style is timeless. It is time to pack your bags and go on your next adventure. 


is for the seasoned man and a great gift for those who love the brand. The sophisticated leather backpack has neoprene lining and robust aluminum hardware. It is time to complete your Montblanc collection. 


is definitely the hottest brand in fashion right now. They just revealed new backpack designs and are already selling out in the biggest stores around the world. The new backpacks cater to the fashionable nomad and the sophisticated wanderer. Gucci’s black techno backpack comes with the red and green web-striped straps and antiqued gold-tone metal tiger head motif- the label signatures. It comes with zipped side pockets and a drawstring top so you can mold it in a fashion that suits you best. The GG Marmont leather backpack is sealed with their signature double G closure. A must-have bag for those who love to have that one statement piece to complete their look. If you are looking for that bullet proof, showstopper bag then this is it.  


edgy backpack comes with studs on the side compartments and is good for a 13-inch laptop. Not only is it a great accessory that can also be your statement piece but it also works for college or media events.

Neil Barrett

is for those who like to stand out. Barrett works endlessly with a signature look using a monochromatic palette. This sleek leather backpack will definitely get you the looks and ‘likes’ you are looking for.


got it right with this rebel leather backpack for the rider who is a world-class traveler. It is accentuated with one of the brand’s signatures – a sharp white star.

Thom Browne

for the office. It is constructed with pebble-grain leather and trimmed with lustrous gold hardware.  Its great for those who make modest fashion choices and is big enough for a laptop, charger, documents and office essentials.

The Nonnative

camouflage-print canvas backpack is good for outdoor trips, traveling or if you are constantly on the move. Made in Japan, the ‘Adventurer’ backpack is detailed with a drawstring front and is lined in shell to last longer. If you are looking for a glamorous brand in camo print, check out Valentino.


  1. Wow! What a materialistic lives we live.
    Sorry I am happy with my Rugged Caterpillar bags for hiking or whatever rather than taking a flashy blingy 5000 SAR bag. And who in the world would actually take a gucci or bally or Louis Vuitton bag for hiking and all those purposes ?