Sabyasachi & Christian Louboutin What Dreams Are Made Of

Sabyasachi & Christian Louboutin What Dreams Are Made Of

Fearless, Solid and Unapologetically Beautiful For the vintage-loving modern rockstar

By Mariam Nihal
Saudi Gazette

You wait all year long for that one thing to blow you away and November 12 is when it happened. The wait has been worth it. In fact the hype has just begun. For those who didn’t see the collaboration coming back after a whimsical one last year, this is just a dream. In fact everything about the collection is.

Sabyasachi’s designs are made for the vintage-loving modern rockstar. Fearless, solid and unapologetically beautiful. Sabyasachi molds silks, velvets, fur, leather with Indian handicrafts and artisanship in a way no one has. Louboutin’s wickedly glamorous heels made it back to the runway with models strutting around in the never-seen-before red-sole beauties on stage during their show.  

Like an orchestra of colors, the collection echoes gold and red hues. 

As Louboutin put it, “it is like walking into a candy store.”

They say great minds think alike and there is truth to that claim with this collaboration.

In terms of aesthetic, or using their fashion sense to project dreams on reality, both designers have the innate ability to create masterpieces of cosmic proportions. Every girl dreams to own a pair of Louboutins and any bride will swear on nothing but Sabyasachi for her wedding dress. So imagine when these two come together.

And for those of you wondering how this even happened, well Louboutin travels frequently to Chennai where he works with Lesage, the renowned embroidery house. In fact their flagship stores are only 10 minutes away from each other in south Mumbai.

“Christian visited my Mumbai store and we both realized we are very similar people who built our businesses independently. We hit it off as people first and the collaboration happened organically,” said Sabyasachi.

Their pictures together soon went viral on the internet as the fashion world celebrated their union.

“I don’t believe in building and collections anymore. I think you should build specific things for specific people. So there is a goth element to it, there is a rock star element to it, there is travel element to it, there is something very simple and conservative, there is something very sexy, there is something practical and then there is something completely insane,”  Sabyasachi said. 

Louboutin said the duo worked with flats combined with very high heels. “The very high heels are also very ornamented, but still allowing for the shape and posture to be highlighted.”

The collection will be available in their flagship stores in India and later internationally.