Saudi Fashion Trends — 9 Fall Trends You Can’t Miss

Saudi Fashion Trends — 9 Fall Trends You Can’t Miss


By Mariam Nihal

Ladies take note, here is a comprehensive guide to the fall trends 2016. Of course most of these will be carried forward so make sure you invest wisely. From statement jackets, furs to velvet, here are pieces you can add to your abaya or travel wardrobe.

1. Velvet everything is everywhere. It is easily the hottest trend out there. From jackets to dresses to even the ‘pantsuit’ you can never go wrong with velvet choices. 

2. Fur – faux or real. You can’t miss it. It could be your evening jacket, a part of your hoodie, worn as a stole or just pure fur for effect. Definitely gets you the attention you are looking for.

3. Embellished guitar straps for your bags. Every big fashion house is now customizing their own exclusive version of it. Definitely gives your bag the star power it deserves.  

4. Chokers. There seems to be no end to this trend. A raging choker says more about you than your outfit can. Pick wisely and don’t be afraid to go all out with the bold designs available on the market.

5. Hoodies. Okay lets be honest, for girls this will never go out of style. Hoodies are an essential part of us. Known to steal men’s hoodies all the time, well now it just makes more sense to. 

6. The overcoat. Be it the commando or navy style overcoat, this trend is bound to last this season and winter. It is another way to empower your style. Wear it with boots or even sneakers, make sure you get a statement piece that matches your personality and suits your frame.

7. Extra long sleeves. Ever thought this would be in fashion? Well it is now. Works great for abayas and thobes, so designers take note.

8. Gloves. Winter is here and this is the perfect time to splurge on those pieces that really stand out but also have utility value. Gloves are trending and making an appearance at every fashion show.

9. Sparkle. Be the life of the party. Be it your coat, jacket or dress. Make sure you add shimmer to your outfit on a night out.