Trends that could shape the future

Trends that could shape the future


By Mariam Nihal

Amazon Go

Tired of waiting in line and dealing with cashiers? Imagine if you didn’t have to. Imagine you can just walk into a store, pick up whatever you want and walk out. Hasn’t technology come this far? Well you are right, it has. The future is here.  Amazon Go has managed to do just that with their already established smart store in Seattle, which is only open to employees for now. All of this is synced with the Amazon Go app and sensors within the store. These track the items being placed in a basket and charges shoppers accordingly. The store will be open to all next year.


Shopping on Instagram just got a lot easier. In a bid to save shopping time, Instagram rolled out support for shopping tags, which gives users the ability to buy products seen in ads on their feed. Now you can just tap-to-view on an image for details like price, size, and more details while brands have the option to send you to their website or app to complete the checkout process.  Instagram will not earn revenue based on the number of users using shopping tags but focuses on earning the dividends from brands who will spend more money advertising on its platform. Instagram is planning to showcase the new feature using 20 retail brands for iOS users in the U.S. before releasing it worldwide.


Music enthusiasts, take note. Created by Georgia Tech, TuneTable is an interactive table with interactive coaster-sized tiles you can use to program and play music. TuneTable will be able to teach computer programming concepts through music in a way like never before. It is simple. Users can move coasters along the table’s projection surface to create a musical chain using components of computer programming. Then just tap the surface to play a series of beats, beeps and samples.