10 Toast Recipes – All Under 250 Calories

10 Toast Recipes – All Under 250 Calories

By Mariam Nihal


There is no way you can get rid of bread for good. And why should you? Any diet fad that suggests it is bad for you, has been proven wrong. In any cuisine, all over the world, bread is a staple and part of your daily meal. It just depends what you pair it with. There are healthier ways to enjoy bread and we will help you indulge in a variety of recipes with dark or multigrain bread.


1. Avocado always tops the list. Use creamy avocado with guacamole seasoning or just salt with red bell peppers and sliced tomatoes for a satisfying snack or quick lunch. It will definitely keep you full for a few hours. If you want to add more protein, go ahead and add eggs to this combo.
2. You know what else makes a great sandwich? Hummus. Use the creamy hummus as base and add shredded baked chicken pieces for a scrumptious combo.


3. Green apples with a dash of peanut butter spread over both slices. That’s one delicious snack for those craving something sweet and fresh.


4. Another Mediterranean favorite sandwich can be made using olives, hummus and fresh mint leaves. This is a great snack or lunch you can take to school or to work.


5. For a protein packed green combination, spread avocado one a slice of bread and top it off with red chili flakes, pepper and a handful of peas. If you want to add meat to pack in more protein you can use tuna or grilled chicken.


6. Use Alfalfa sprouts and piece of fruit on each side of the toast and double up for a healthy sandwich. You can also use Brussels sprouts and broccoli instead.


7. For a new flavor, pack in your fruits into one sweet sandwich. Using creamy Greek yoghurt as its base, use peanut butter as a second layer and top it off with raisins or grapes.


8. If you want something Italian make your own Caprese sandwich. Use is mozzarella, tomato and basil with balsamic vinegar on a slice of whole-grain toast.


9. If you want that Thai flavor, use yoghurt, sliced mangoes with basil leaves for a creamy light sandwich.


10. This is one you need to have stocked up in the fridge for your kids. Sliced cucumbers with turkey rolls on multi-grain bread. Instead of using butter or rich cream packed with calories, use avocado or hummus as the base. You can also top it off with tomatoes and seasoning.