Zumba changing lives

Zumba changing lives


Zumba changing lives

By Renad Ghanem
Saudi Gazette

Losing weight is not easy, with diets difficult to follow and many people not enjoying working out, but Zumba has changed many women’s lives, helping them lose weight and get in good shape.

Zumba is a dance fitness program that relies on hour long classes where participants can burn between 500 and 1000 calories, depending on the intensity the individual puts into the class.

The exercises include music with fast and slow rhythms, as well as resistance training.

27-year-old Nesma Ahmed lost 45 kilograms through Zumba, and now she works as a Zumba instructor.

“I was about 110 KG when I was only 24. I tried many diets but it wasn’t enough, and I don’t like working out. Some of my friends advised me to try Zumba classes. At the first class at the center I couldn’t do it, it was hard to dance or move. They were faster than me. Then I decided to dance it at home with YouTube videos for beginners. I started step by step until I became more in to it,” Nesma said.

“I found I’m burning at least 500 calories in an hour, which is magic to someone like me. I lost about 45 KG because of the Zumba with my nutrition system, now I’m a Zumba instructor in the same fitness center that I started my first class in when I was just a beginner.”

25-year-old Lina Tohamy said she believes that Zumba helped her to get over work pressures, and improves her mood and body.

“I lost at least 10 KG because of Zumba. I’m one of those who don’t love workout and find it boring, because it depends on doing the same routine, while Zumba gives new moves everyday with beautiful music,” she said.

“I do Zumba four days a week; the best thing is that we can find Zumba classes around Cairo, it’s affordable for everyone.”

26-year-old Karen Fathy said that Zumba helped her lose weight after giving birth to her second child.

“I suffered after giving birth to my second child. My doctor asked me to go to the gym but I don’t love working out,” Karen said.

“I knew that Zumba is something that helps to lose weight and not a traditional workout, I tried it and it was like magic for me. I go to the classes five day a week now, an hour per class.”