Sunday, February 26, 2017


Matthew Pennington

As China ups heat on N Korea, US faces questions

By Matthew Pennington China’s surprising suspension of North Korean coal imports puts pressure not only on Pyongyang, but also on President Donald Trump. The question...
Robin Emmott

Europe dodges Trump’s defense spending ultimatum

US President Donald Trump sent top US officials to Europe with a familiar warning from Washington that allies must spend more on defense, this...


A Palestinian woman reacts during a protest following the sentencing of Israeli soldier Elor Azaria, in the West Bank City of Hebron. — Reuters

18 months for murder

There has just been a mockery and a miscarriage of justice in Israel. The Israeli soldier who killed a Palestinian assailant was supposed to...
social media

Distorting generous truth

IN this social media driven world, where outrageous claims are often broadcast with none of the traditional journalistic fact checking, it is easy for...


Teenagers: Sufferers or survivors?

Teenagers: Sufferers or survivors?

DEVASTATION of one’s own self occurs when a person is left all alone to deal with his own thoughts and pain. Consequently, he is...
Shabbir Thingna

Racism and its manifestations

RACISM is a very awkward term that is used to accuse or attack someone, his policies and his thinking. People accuse others of racism...

Local Viewpoint

Abdullah Al-Aqeel

Parents must let their children choose their own careers

By Abdullah Al-Aqeel I have a big family consisting of four sisters and three brothers. Each one of us has our own personality, interests, hobbies...

Energy Outlook

Energy Outlook

US oil majors may have undue edge in Europe

By Syed Rashid Husain A businessman is now at the helm of the Oval office in Washington. On Tuesday, Feb. 14, President Donald Trump signed the...