I will not apologize!

I will not apologize!


Khaled Almaeena

The Paris attacks that killed 130 people and injured hundreds of others are still capturing headlines. They also occupy the top spot in social media the world over.

The attack came days after suicide bombers blew up about 40 people in a Beirut suburb and before that a Russian plane was blown up over Sinai killing more than 200 people. Daesh (the self-proclaimed IS) took responsibility for all of these murderous acts.

I received several phone calls from Western journalists asking for the Saudi point of view on these murderous attacks to which my reply was that all of us condemn these inhumane and ugly acts which do not serve any purpose, but on the contrary malign our society and our religion.

One caller asked if we will apologize. I almost screamed at him. Apologize for what?! Are we responsible for the actions of mysterious groups that destroy and kill? Are we responsible for all the evil acts being committed and falsely attributed to Islam?! I am not going to apologize, I said.

Let an international investigation be conducted and the findings made public. I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, but since the 9/11 attack until now many questions remain unanswered. How is it that after every major incident a passport is found intact? As if people walk the streets with their passports in their pockets and the passports are made of nonflammable material that is resistant to fires and bomb attacks.

In New York, it was a Saudi passport; in Paris it was a Syrian passport which later was found to be a fake and there were 11 passports with the same name and number!

We have had enough of preachers of hate and ignorant politicians inciting animosity against Muslims and ranting anti-Islamic rhetoric that is racist and full of hate. Enough of ignorant people going on the rampage uttering jingoistic chants forgetting the complicity of their own governments in creating Al-Qaeda and Daesh-like organizations and propping up dictatorships in the region, dismantling armies and social order and creating vacuum that led to strife.

I stand with the entire world in condemning the wanton, ruthless and mindless destruction of innocent human lives, but please do not ask me to apologize for something for which I am not responsible. Have the Jews apologized for Netanyahu’s daily massacre of Palestinians? Have the Dalai Lama and Aung San Suu Kyi apologized for the brutal holocaust inflicted on the Muslims of Myanmar? Has Indian Prime Minister Modi apologized for the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat or the lynching of people alleged to have eaten beef? Have Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Bremer apologized for the death of a million Iraqis?

While the world rises up in arms against the cowardly murders of the innocent in Paris, no one protested when over a 100 Turks were blown to bits by Daesh in Ankara.

This selective grief is not palatable to me and to many around the world. These acts are carried out by people who are supposedly Muslims, but are mostly managed by shadowy groups operating under the umbrella of Western agencies. They do not represent us. I am not guilty, and therefore, I will not apologize!


— The writer is Editor-at-Large. He can be reached at kalmaeena@saudigazette.com.sa and followed on Twitter: @KhaledAlmaeena


  1. Congratulation to Mr Khaled Almaeena for his good and fact-based article “I will not apologize!”
    Yes, there is no question of apology about the France or any other attack committed by terrorist groups for all the terrorist groups have been produced by the Western Countries-on account of their double standard and wrong policy-and they, either directly or indirectly, themselves are responsible for, nearly, all terrorist attacks. To maintain peace in the world change your double standard and wrong policy.

  2. Very clearly stated the simple fact about terrorism which is actually brought by western powers to instill fear in the minds and hearts of muslims, which claims that it is an muslim attempt to instill fear in the mind and hearts of westerners, and which provides an ready made excuse, rather created, to invade muslim lands, to grab their oil, money, power etc: A strategy which has been worked upon since 60 yrs is finally paying off and muslims although knowing facts are powerless.

  3. Maa shaa Allah, a great article.

    We muslim always enter into apology without thinking, while we condemn these attacks, we should also know that it can be conspiracy about the muslims and Islam. How many incidents we have in india where the criminals were actually hindus and mulims were framed falsely.

    • And yet, Mr. Bilal, you make the exact same generalized, sweeping statements which reflect the very deeds/ fallacies you accuse others of.. Need I say more?

  4. They will say Allah hu Akbar , they will use the name of Islam while attacking and killing Innocent peoples to defame Islam and create hatred …

    • ANYONEcan shout “ALLAHU AKBAR”. Jews not only look like Arabs, but also speak Arabic like natives.
      Don’t be fooled by this trick.
      Also, after each terror attack, we are told “Alqaeda took credit” or “ISIS took credit”, but how do we know they are REALLY alqaeda or Isis? Most of the fake videos are produced by by Jewish owned MEMRI TV (owned by Yigal Carmon, a former Israeli military intelligence officer and Meyrav Wurmser, an Israeli-born American political scientist) and another criminal outfit Jewish owned “Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) Intelligence Group” headed by Rita Katz who served with Israeli Defense Force (IDF).
      “…The infamous youTube “beheading” videos of two US journalists by the ISIS in Syria/Iraq, aka IS or Daash or Al Qaeda in Iraq depending on your preference in particular bear more serious attention. The details are emerging that show both videos are entirely fake events, staged apparently by professional actors to create the popular support for a US bombing of Syria….. (Israel wants each Arab country to be turned into rubble, so it can create “Greater Israel”, be damned that millions of Arabs will be slaughtered in the process.)

      “Both videos when viewed are strangely similar. In both, a black-hooded executioner, nicknamed in the British press as “Jihadi John” for his strong London accent (!), supposedly takes a sharp knife to the throat of a kneeling, orange-clad James Foley and Steve Sotloff. Then, curiously, Jihadi John begins ostensibly slashing the throats of each, not once, but six times…. not a drop of blood…..
      It is a multi-million dollar Jewish effort to create wars against Arabs and Muslims.

  5. What you have told is absolutely correct Sir, And your justifications resemble the thoughts of other muslims who did not support such a groups.
    People like you will break the notion which western countries having about Saudi arabia and muslims regarding support to this kind of groups.

  6. Brilliant response to all those attacking Muslims for the actions of criminals who are using Islam as a cover (false flag?). We need voices like Mr. Almaeena’s to carry over national boundaries to show the world that we Muslims have nothing to do with such evil acts and have no need to apologise. And how is ISIS getting their arms if not the west producing and supplying them?

  7. You are right that no apology is needed as we are all facing terrorist activities of all kind including state terrorism which is being faced by the innocent people of Palestine. No one asked Israel to apologize for its crimes against the arabs in Egypt Syria and Palestine. France killed one million people in Algeria and no one apologies for those crimes.

  8. Right comment at Right time. Few days ago Tony Blair apologized for destruction of IRAQ and confirmed that no WMD was found. He apologized for his mistake and not for any other’s mistake as the West want Muslim to Apologize for other’s mistake and for their planted plans.

  9. The Westerners They Don”t Like Telling The Truth.They All Lobbies Of Israel.The Terrorist State Is The Country Which Is Behind All These Attacks. They May Even Kill You And Blame The Organisation Which You Are Saying.And Definetly They Are Behind All These Attacks

  10. Complete answer and this the voice of every muslim. There should be a international facts finding committee to answer all incidents and justice should be done for killings of millions of Muslim.

  11. These ar d real facts sir which d world don’t want u 2 know. No apology bcos we ar nt terrorist. Jews nd likes ar d real terrorists believe it or not. Story will tell..

  12. Absolutely correct. Why should we apologize for which Muslims are not responsible. Modi is responsible for massacre in India,Aung San Suu Kyi is responsible for Burmese massacre but what is the role of Muslims in ISIS are any other terrorist organizations. Those who created them should be held responsible.

  13. As a Christian I agree and sympathize with the author Mr. AlMaeena who is genuinely showing concern to the threat of terorism from all quarters, be they Muslim, Christian, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or whatever. There is no need to apologize for the actions of the criminals who carried out the attacks in Paris, just as there was no need for Christians and Jews to apologize for the actions of Hitler (A Christian with a Jewish grandmother) when he carried out his abonimable crimes. Criminals do not represent any religion, as all the main religions do not condone violence irrespective of how some western media manipulate Islam to create fear among non-Muslims. They do not require an apology but a condemnation.

    • Mr. Edwin is a great personality, a great citizen of the country he belongs to. His unbiased view spreads the fragrance of the humanity …………….. We need the personalities like you to “BUILD THE WORLD & LEAD THE WORLD” …………..

  14. Excellent article. When muslim community was victimized by these radical contents no country from European pay attention. King Abdullah (Late) also tried his best to eupoean countries and america to resolove this issue jointly by considering it against whole humanity. Now why we apologize when we ourselves are victimized. But we are still ready to stand togather against these terrorist groups.

  15. Br. Khaled,
    A brilliant article. Very appropriate response to the question posed by Western Media.
    WHEN TWO TOWERS HIT BY PLANES , “PANCAKED” and collapsed with steel melting,

  16. Thanks a lot for this very well written piece. Not only you, no Muslim should not apologize either. Allah(sbwt) Bless you for speaking the blatant truth boldly.

  17. Peace … Will come when we ALL OF US realize that the tears of sorrow are equally salty on all sides of these tragedies .. It does not matter if they are in Paris or Baghdad.

    As an x executive sports individual I was utterly disqusted when I heard that the spectators at the stadium in Istanbul during Turkey – Greece soccer match opening had buued during the silent minute which was held in honor of the victims of the Paris murders. Such behavior is not part of the faith I have learned so much to appreciate.

    I totally agree with writer! You have NO REASON to apologize for the terrorist’s murders! But what sbout the devout muslim’s inactivity when they hear shouts of the Holiest name while doing these monterous acts againdt unarmed civilisns. If we, in KSA would blasheme the Creator’s name like that….I dare not even think of the punishment.

    I wish that Muslims everywhere would dislike their terror groups as muvh, and as openly as Christian’s hate KKK and IRA who blasheme the highest values of mankind.

    • Your are so correct, every nefarious act that were committed at the behest of the Jewish lobby, and Mossad in the name of Islamic terrorists or Jihadists are being proved to be fake. Truth will prevail. The global media belongs to the Jews and their counterparts, the whole machine of untruth is working day in and day out maligning the Muslims and trying ways to drain the economy of the Muslims world, once they plundered the proverbial SONE KI CHIRYA, India under the guise of East India Company, still our jewels are in England including the most famous Kohinoor. All are looters.

  18. Can tony blairs word exchange the mass spilling of blood in the terrorist massacres which the superpowers created in the name of Muslims . Why doesn’t the Isis attack israel

  19. Screw you, I even felt ashame and depressed after what happened in Paris. Soo depressing, you have a cold heart sir , that’s all I can say

    • Did you ever cry over the Muslim dying every day different part of world -did you ever felt sorry for them , did you ever condemn the terrorist for that !!!

    • Bibo, I am not sure why you feel ashamed. You seem to be confused between remorse and apology. Dr. Maeena has rightly pointed out that we feel remorse for the death and destruction caused in Paris, same as we feel the pain and remorse for millions of Muslims massacred by the non-Muslims. But why lay the blame on the vast majority of Muslims for an act they didn’t do nor did they condone it?
      Just because they are more powerful now (physically), the demand an apology from us. Why should we apologize?

  20. Assalaam alaikum
    Well written, logical, and to-the point response.I wish this letter could be printed in the NY Times as a full page ad as well as in the FOX news, Wall Street Journal.

  21. I totally agree with learned writer Khaled Al-Maeena that we must ” not apologize ” to be a Muslim and believe in it’s fundamental message ” that any one who kills an innocent as if he killed the humanity “. French police gave details about the women terrorist killed by them that she was drinker and gambler but still label her to be Muslim. Islam has clear message that any one who is killing another human being ( irrespective of religion ) will go to hell. but the western world has double standard i.e. Palestinians; Serbians; Chechnians; Burmese Muslims persistently butchered are not noticed and no one said that Christians or Buddhists are persecuting Muslims. this is definitely part of conspiracy against Muslim world to isolate them and it is high time that Muslims world wide has to unite and adhere true Islamic teachings to show the world the real Islam as compare to conspirators of Islam e.g. Daesh.

  22. Brother khaled, Jazak-Allah, for the OP-ED
    May Allah SWT reward you immensely, for speaking the truth and putting light on an issue with western media and politicians falsely painting the entire Ummah with the same brush. It is high time these people held accountable. We need more honest journalist like you to help rid the false and incorrect image portrayed my western politicians and media. Please try to publish this OP-ED in western publication on Europe and North America specially in U.S.
    So we can show to the world enough is enough.

    Again I salute you for being honest.

  23. Dr. Khalid…. Thank you for highlighting these…. All life matters……

    Western media’s are Zionist controlled… so they controls people’s mind…. They have only one goal in mind: to create & feed people with false news, fuel up hatred, create conflicts & corruption on the land…

  24. This selective grief is so disgusting, and so is selective blaming! Nearly everyday, we hear that Greek (Hellenic) Coast Guards sank an immigrant boat. Are there any grief “shows” for Syrians from Europeans? Does anybody ask Greek authorities to apologize for this? Are the lives of Syrians less important than that of Westerners? Yet, Tsipras, the Greek prime minister can say that all this Syrian problem is caused by Turks. He is behaving like a spoiled child. But I won’t deny Turkish government did great mistakes. For several years, Turkish government which has turned into tyranny and is filled with corrupts won’t be of much help to those who suffer. I hope the spring of Muslims are not far away and this won’t be a fake spring. And as they say; “The darkest hour is just before the dawn.”

  25. Well said Dr. KHALID, your article is the base on truth. You have shown the hypocritic face of western agencies to the world. May Allah give you more power to write the truth & stand against the double standards of western countries.
    Stay blessed.

  26. First find the answer of the truth behind 9/11. Then talk of apologizing…
    Why those shameless jews were absent in a large number inn twin towers on 9/11?

  27. Salute to u, Dr.Khalid Al Meena.Muslim world needs this courage and we pray for more thought provoking human like you, to come up and surface the fact.Muslim r silent n the world is invited to dine on them.All the world is unite against us but we r still busy is our pity issues of wahabi, shia, sunni, Kurd, etc.May Allah help our Muslim brothers all around the world.ameen.

  28. A big salute for your daring editorial .. “This selective grief is not palatable to me and to many around the world”. I simply love it Sir.

  29. A very straight forward and blunt answer to all those , who always look for a chance to blame Muslim for anything wrong they feel or which hurts their interest . Non Muslim Countries be it West or SubContinent or other part of the World as united against Muslim and they will always create foolish stories with no base . USA/ISRAEL/INDIA ARE ONE , who does not know their plan and thinking . What is happening in Middle east/Kashmir and SASC ????
    Mr Khalid Our hearts are with you -Islam does not support Terrorism and we as a muslim strongly beleive in that . Who is the biggest victim of Terrorism , Muslim themselves , their countries have become the playground for all these rehersal and testing ground for all unuse Arsenal , their community became the Target – All those behind these Games are having their own land as safe Heaven !!!
    Lets hope the so called 58 Nation ICO has some power , some bones and Unity to counter these attacks and can show their their muscles to their common enemy , instead of fighting each other in the name of Sects and personal interest ..

  30. Very well said Mr. KhaledAlmaeena, your words are so true. May Allah Ta’ala grant you more courage to speak the truth and put light on these kinds of sensitive issues where Islam is blamed for no reason.

  31. I hope well responded for the western mideia once who is shadowly supporting the immoral lunatic politicians in the west.

    We appreciate and congradulate your bold speach, we are with you…

  32. I am really perplexed why all Muslims are panicking on the Paris issue. From the comments published above, one comes to a conclusion that 1.5 Billion muslims are blaming all the ills of the society on less than 10 million Jews. I do not understand what the Jews have got to do with Paris / September 11 etc….

  33. Some anti Muslim groups who disguise himself as Muslim and spread terrorism all over the world to defame Islam. If you postmortem them definitely you will find some Jew virus.

  34. You have said it very eloquently, however, I here has to be our leadership speaking against these evil acts carried out by some shady organizations,backed by the very interests that want to demonized our Peaceful Religion. After all we are close to 1.5 Billion inhabitants of this planet and we should not stay quite. Jazak’Allah Khair!

  35. Most commentators here are congratulating the author but I’ll go against common opinion. Nobody is asking Muslims to apologize really. The non-muslim world is asking muslims to introspect and try to figure out why so many violent acts are being committed in the name of Islam. It is a fact that mosques have become hunting grounds for terrorist organizations and terrorist acts are referred to as “jihad”. Just saying Islam is a religion of peace is not enough. And blaming the west or Israel for your problems is absurd

    • The answer to your question is in the article itself. We are also suffering in the hands of deviants and shaitans. Who are they?

      It seems that anything bad happening anywhere in the world by default Muslims are blamed. The truth will never revealed because it is not in their interest and will go against their design to malign Islam.

  36. Do you think religion has anything to do or bring any solutions in these current pathetic situations of our world with huge disparity and all sorts of biases between the human being in different regions of this planet created only by some power greedy politicians in different aspects of time? Eye for an Eye is not a solution to any problems we are facing now. We will never find a solution as long as both religions of Jews and Islam follows the same justice system of EYE for an Eye. If you believe in God you have to believe His creations too. So need to respect all the children of GOD (human beings) around the world regardless of what religion they practice in this universe?

    Do not mix religion with politics that produces only terrorism. There is no exception to this world phenomenon with any religions of this world. Look at the recent history of events in different parts of our planet. Christians contributed and killed thousands of innocents during their political struggle between England and Northern Ireland in the name of Protestants and Catholics, Sikhs have done with theirs in India and Canada, Buddhists shown theirs in Burma and Sri Lanka, Hindus are now experimenting their part all over India, Jews have their share in Middle Eastern countries and Muslims have taken it global with all over the world.

    Do not mix religion with any world conflicts, which is created by irrational people or leaders of our planet for their own personal benefits only. God will never authorize a bunch of irrational people to kill another group of innocent people in any part of HIS own created Universe and His own children. God does not require the help of criminal minded people to kill His own children or protect HIS own Kingdom…… It is high time for our world to practice SECULARISM… No religion is superior to others… all of us are the children of the same God Almighty (ALLAH). LOVE and TOLERANCES are more important than propagating the importance or the supremacy of any religion which creates only hatredness among the human race…and disaster to MANKIND…

  37. I am stunned by your bold stance by putting the facts of the massacre of innocent civilians straight on the face of reader. West with its technology and power has been shaping the world geopolitics ever since the creation super five. Under their own compulsion some scripts is written to sacrifice of few for the services of millions. Mostly in this kind of stupid actions drama is staged with all actors rightly placed to play their respectively role and the end result is telecast all over the world to portray the invisible message. The blame game gets started with some planted evidence and objectives are targeted as were set to be achieved. In this war of misinformation campaign the Muslim bashing is ready to be exploited platform. The west is laughing and the east is crying fowl. The female suicide bomber blows herself and then appears as a dead person in a rubble after few days. I still fail to understand is this French investigation.

  38. Very well said Dr. Khaled Almaeena. The initiator should ask apologize not Saudi or its associates or its citizen. They don’t have hate policy in heart for the human being like other places. Public body shall do investigate and punish the culprit. Now, gulf countries are the safe place to work and live. It is mankind responsibilities to find out root cause. We can’t lose any more life.

  39. really its shame for us to apologize for what the whole world become totally blind and deaf and dump,
    now days the situation becomes more worst and without any proper proof or evidence just to blame muslims and spoiling the name of our religion and taking advantage to kill innocent people without any reson.i strongly appreciate to writer KHALID ALMAEENA .INSHA ALLAH THE DAYS ARE VERY CLOSE TO FIND OUT WHO IS THE MAIN CULPRIT IN THIS WORLD AND HE HAS TO GIVE ALL REPLY FOR EVERY TERROR ATTACKS.

  40. Thank you for your well said brilliant article. I wish there are more courages people like you among muslim scholars who either choose to echo western media propaganda or take cower by keeping their mouth shut. Very often when things like this happened, their “so call” evidences will point immediately to muslim even before thorough investigation is conducted. It so convenient for them! Ironically, Script of stories remained identically stupid.

  41. Very Well Said Mr Khaled If Any terorrist Does Any Thing They Say Its Islam They Even Don’t No What Is Islam We Respect Human Being And Islam Don’t Teach Us To Kill A Innocent if Any Innocent Is Killed By Terorrist Its Terrorism Not Islam Stop Blaming Islam For Terrorist Activities

  42. I have been a fan of Khalid for over 3 decades now when he was in command of Arabnews. I still recall his Editorial Article “the Chinese are coming” when the world thought so low of China and its products and might.
    The above article is a great punch in the faces of those who always want Muslim clarification whenever an attack is orchestrated – get the hell out of here and search the enemy of humanity in your pants is my reply”

  43. Terrorism is just an event sponsored by some government or a lobbying group the outcome of which is attributed to some weak government , country or religion. Sadly Arabs, their governments and religion seem very weak thus those herrific crimes are being blamed on us some how

  44. This article surely needs the highest marks and MashaAllah questions well asked ! The real answer to Khalid Al Maeena is Allahu Akbar ! Allah is great !

  45. Excellent article, should be posted in Western Media outlets. Additionally, Aung San Suu Kyi should apologize for not even condemning the brutal holocaust inflicted on the Muslims of Myanmar and an influential person in the country, for not even trying. The Indian Prime Minister Modi should apologize for being part of the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat, and for not doing enough to stop the lynching of people alleged to have eaten beef? Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Bremer should definitely apologize for the death of a million Iraqis, as they were the main reasons of the massacre. In addition to their apologies, they should be charged for crime against humanity and face the result of their actions. How is that killing millions of innocent people doesn’t qualify them as terrorists?

  46. What has happened in paris is very unacceptable. Terrorists going out into paris shooting down hundreds of people and capturing hundreds and then calling them selves muslims. Islam is a very peaceful religion and it teaches everyone to accept everyone no matter of their religious beliefs. Anyone who kills is not considered muslim. Islam teaches to respect everyone the way they are and if you are hating on muslims for what those terrorists are doing go research your information and then say what ever you want to say. It clearly states in the Quran that everyone has their own religion and that we as muslims should accept it.

  47. Brilliant. I was waiting for someone to say these things without taking a defensive stance. Mainstream western media ignores the issues by design. Without enough investigation, ISIS is blamed and its name is being used as a synonym to Muslims. Even if ISIS has done it, it is primarily destroying the Muslim world and killing way more Muslims than non-Muslims so why they expect apology from Muslims.

  48. Very well written. This is the act of people who are bent upon tarnishing Islam’s image. True followers of Islam never resort to such inhuman and ruthless methods of killing innocent people. This could be the handiwork of people who are envious of asylum given by European nations to Syrians. Khaled Al Maeena has always been in forefront in defending Islam and Muslims.

  49. Dear Respected Khaled Almaeena- You are hero— Awesome comments. we have great respect for you. We are proud to be Muslims we have nothing to do with terror. May Allah mercy us all Ameen..

  50. Salam to Everyone. Islam is a pure religion that cant call to violence; they are just doing that to ignore Islam but Allah is our Helper for His religion.

  51. Mr. Almaeena Khaled, I appreciate your sharing your view. In my recent conversations with academic scholars and leaders from the Muslim and Jewish community, we have noted the impact of media on the public. There is little if any critical media analysis. People need to take personal responsibility in acquiring empirical evidence. More importantly, they need to either learn of historical facts or stop ignoring them. Key questions need to be confronted: why, how, and who set this conflict in motion in the Middle East. Until this is done, people will continue to run in circles accepting the status quo and propose scapegoats.

    It’s been argued that President George W. Bush redirected America’s view of the economy in an attempt to busy “giddy minds with foreign quarrels with wars in Afghanistan and Iraq” (Shafritz, Russell, & Borick). Ultimately, in analyzing the current terrorist threat, it is important to ask what the US did (or continues to do) to provoke putting a prize on its head instilling a motivation for the enemy to sacrifice their own life for the kill? Some point to incompetence and cultural deficit within the US security agencies. Others simply say the US and the terrorists are one and the same. Whichever the case, terrorism has now become a fact of life.

    As to Western journalists, their job is to present the facts or what is now being called “the news.” It is not to obtain apologies. In any event, if they had that right, would they actually go to the source demanding an apology? I do not see them taking flight to Iraq of Syria save but for a few reputable reporters.

  52. I will not apologize for the Norway mass killing of Breivik. For this reason I will never pretend any Muslim to apologize for these murderers.

  53. I have never seen so many comments in this newspaper! Let me say I don’t think you owe any apology for what militants have been doing to anyone who does not conform to their interpretation of Islam. Just as I do not owe any apology for what my government may do or may have done in the past to upset you. I am a person of honor and happen to be American. Just as we must not blame all Muslims for the acts of terrorists, you must not blame all Americans or “the West” for the actions and orders of the few and the wealthy. Peace.

  54. More than 80 comments-mostly against America and its international partners biased role and wrong policy-on this article indicate that the terrorist organizations have come into existence following their (of America and its international partners) biased role and wrong policy. They must take precept from this fact-based article and comments against their biased role and wrong policy.

  55. Masha’Allah, Mr Khalid Almaeena is 100% correct in his views. I hope everyone and Muslims in particular, has the self esteem as the writer in speaking the truth and not belittling oneself for no particular reason to anyone, whoever that may be. As Muslims, we are against injustice, prejudice and nowadays, terrorism , because these things are alien to Islam and it’s teachings. Those who do these things in the name of Islam are far away from our religion. These people, whose numbers are insignificant are not supported by any of the noted Ulamah from any madhabs. My gut feeling is that these people may be handled from elsewhere, and certainly not by pious Muslims. I remember of a story about an imam of a masjid in a military cantonment in Comilla, Bangladesh (in Pakistan period) where it was found that he was actually a Hindu person working under the Indian intelligence service. My request to Muslim governments would be to investigate the emergence of these terror groups to find out more about them?

  56. Mashaa Allah! Absolutely brilliantly and bravely articulated. We need more vociferous high profile Muslims (and just Non-Muslims) like yourself to call out this global hypocrisy and injustice.

    Well done.

  57. Muslims have a lot to appreciate in a voice like Mr. Khaled Almaeena’s as he resonates reason over bigotry and hatred. We Muslims do not hate mankind. There are those evil ones who advertise their religion before they start their crimes. Why? It seems they are distorting Islam to the rest of the world. What is their purpose and who benefits from all of this? Muslim? of course not. It is Muslims who have had their lands attacked, occupied and invaded in recent years and certainly not by ISIS. Follow the money and you will discover the real criminals. Kudos once again to brother Khaled for reflecting our stand on this issue.

  58. Dear Mr. Khaled,

    We solute you, your perfect & strong reply is always required to conspirators of Islam. Please do not forget to raise your voice when ever South Asian Countries media also hate and arrogant politicians inciting animosity against Muslims and ranting anti-Islamic rhetoric.

  59. Why should Mr. Almaeena or anyone who has no hand in the Paris attacks apologize and to whom? We should all apologize to the human race for allowing the lust for power and the marketing of weapons of mass destruction by major powers and terrorist groups, so often interlinked by mutual interests, to create so much death and destruction in the past half century. This planet cannot absorb much more of such activities.

  60. I am somewhat puzzled and raised my eyebrows because it’s ABSURD to apologize, indeed. Why bother writing about it unless the shoe hurts… it rubs and rubs

  61. I have read this article and must admit its a very bold stance which all Muslims. I wish, and particularly journalists should follow this approach. There is a need to make it clear that an incident planned and implemented by an individual or a group of individuals under whatever name or brand should not be associated with the Muslims.

  62. 100% sure no one will disagree with you Dear Khalid. Your article represents justice and wisdom that we lack in the turbulent world we live in…. We need a million writers like you!

  63. Excellent article! I’m glad to read its every single thought which is absolutely fact indeed! Please keep it up we are with you.

  64. Interesting read claiming the attack on Paris was fake. It was staged. Everyday, France and its allies kill people in Syria, in Iraq, in Lybia, etc. and no one cares. As soon as anything happens to France it’s “pray for France”….

  65. This is an award winning article! Mr. Khaled Almaeena has not only summarized the sentiments of Saudis but all Muslims. The quality of journalism depicted in the article has made all of us proud. It had gone viral, I have received many emails where people have exchanged this article. Thank you for such enlighten thoughts.

  66. I congratulate Dr. Khaled Almaeena. for his factual and bold write-up. I am confident, Insha Allah, truth will prevail and the false will perish in the debris of falsehood.

    I request all Muslims brethren to supplicate before Allah SWT to bring truth and let it prevail.

  67. I feel proud personally about Dr. Khaled Almaeena, also you are a great media man in the world. Western people think Muslims are innocent and problems which are created by Jewish people and they are blaming Muslims. I personally thank the SAUDI GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA .They should wide open their eyes..

  68. Sir none of the Muslim will apologize over their sins, the game America and Israel are playing with the Muslim world is now understandable and very clear; they kill us and they want us to apologize to put their sins into our accounts and show their people that Muslims are apologizing and responsible.

    No Muslim will even think to apologize.

  69. Brilliant and bold article. Atleast some one has the audacity and the conscience to expose the hypocrisy and conspiracy of the people behind such dastardly acts as happened in Paris, New York etc. It must be published in all leading newspapers and magazines of the world so the peace loving and honest people will start thinking and, maybe, one day soon we wiĺl find these dirty killers and their masters. And then, the war on terror would have achieved it’s objective.

    Why don’t the sensible, wise, unprejudiced and unbiased people of the world ever wonder how the terrorists Passports are always left intact when everything around them burns, melts or blows to pieces. And why don’t they ask for a thorough investigation into the sources of videos showing killings at the hands of evil people and groups like Daesh and Al Qaeda.

    The intelligent Mr. Byju Joseph and smart Ms. Superna who boycott Mr. Maeena’s statements as nonsense should give it a thought.

    In any case, I pray that the world becomes a peaceful place, a place bereft of all evils and evil people. Whoever they are.

    I yearn and pray for a world where people’s of all faiths will live happily and safely.

  70. Absolutely true. You are not guilty, never apologise. We are not guilty and we will never apologise. In a world where a billion plus Muslims live, how can the actions of a few be on all of us? Imagine if we were all blood thirsty? The world would be burning. I believe in the conspiracy. And yes those hell bent in tainting, denting, staining and maligning Islam stop at nothing to get this acts done. Including bombing themselves.

  71. Very well said by the writer hope every rational person may agree with the writer views I am fully agree with you and I appreciate your dareNess .