300 Saudi plumbers, carpenters

300 Saudi plumbers, carpenters

Rashid Al-Fawzan

Rashed Al-Fawzan

Three hundred Saudi youth, who are sponsored and supported by Al-Birr Charity Organization in the Eastern Province, have joined the professions of plumbers and carpenters. This is not a dream but a reality. These young men have benefited from the allocation of 1,000 jobs for children of families who are supported by the charity.

Sameer Al-Osaifan, secretary general of Al-Birr, expressed his satisfaction over the readiness shown by 300 youth to join such much-needed professions to earn a living for their families. He also praised Eastern Province Emir Prince Saud Bin Naif for his continuous support to Al-Birr and its humanitarian activities and projects.

This is good news and we have been waiting for it so long. Saudis have started accepting any job to earn a living, without differentiating them as bad or not commensurate with the status of their family or tribe. Some people have the opinion that certain jobs should be taken up only by certain families.

We should understand that a work will not demean anybody. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the leader of the humanity, had worked as a shepherd. Our young men and women should be enlightened about the need to earn a living by accepting any profession.

Our youth should be given training to practice various professions required by the country and the Human Resource Development Fund and the Labor Ministry should give them every encouragement and support. We cannot fight unemployment and prevent the influx of expatriate workers without adopting a strategy to support Saudi youth to run and practice various professions.

These kinds of positive initiatives made by NGOs should be given every support by authorities. It will not only help individuals earn a living but also strengthen the national economy. Such professions will never have any negative impact on society as believed by some pessimists. I am sure that young Saudis can develop those professions into big institutions.