Breakdown at Riyadh airport

Breakdown at Riyadh airport



Youssef Al-Mohaimeed

THE world of social media was recently flooded with angry and desperate comments about the disruption of international flights departing Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport ( KKIA).

The reason given for the delay and cancellation of flights was a breakdown in the airport’s data network. Subsequently, the passport processing system was also hindered, affecting the surveillance system at all airports and border posts, meaning they were completely taken out of service.

International flights were suspended. Passengers crowded the airport, annoying everyone. The situation reminded me of the transport system in Europe.

For instance, when London’s Underground services halt due to a worker strike, the users of the Underground will be informed of the strike well in advance.

They can prepare themselves for this predicament and seek alternatives, whether traveling by buses, taxis or bicycles or simply by walking.

It is up to them to arrange how to reach their destination. Nobody is angry or frustrated. The important thing is that travelers will know beforehand about the absence of the metro service and so can make necessary alternative arrangements to reach their destination.

The abrupt failure of the surveillance system at KKIA took all passengers by surprise and presented them with a real dilemma.

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