Breaking bad habits is easy

Breaking bad habits is easy

Dr. Khalid Al-Maneef

By Dr. Khalid Al-Maneef

One of the worst habits is self-pity. I would like to help you get rid of this negative feeling. Kindly follow these steps.

Firstly, always remember that you are a positive person who refuses to budge or surrender and raise the white flag. If you face any trouble, try to change it. If it is too difficult to change, then try to cope with it and accept it. Focus always on what you can do and avoid thinking about things that you cannot change.

Secondly, always be grateful and thankful to those who help. Gratefulness makes you feel positive and improves your psychological and physical health.

Thirdly, never listen to the negative voices inside you and stop complaining that life is unfair. Successful people have made it because they have struggled and fought hard, not because they were lucky. Stop crying over your life and move forward to a bright future.

Fourthly, stop making everything personal. If someone acts in a certain way toward someone else, that does not mean you are the target. The events that take place around you should not concern you because their results depend on how you respond to them. Just ignore them.

Fifthly, listen carefully to those who love you and care about you. Your life won’t go anywhere unless you listen to those who care about you.

Sixthly, go visit hospitals and prisons to appreciate your life more. Remember that pain makes us appreciate health and reevaluate our life.

Seventhly, face and encounter difficulties and obstacles in your way. Remember that those that do not kill you make you stronger. Turn your negative feelings into positive ones.

Eighthly, do not let negative ideas haunt you. If you feel like there is negative power inside you, engage in physical activities like swimming and running.

Ninthly, focus on what you can give to the world, not on what you can take from it.

Tenthly, do not compare yourself to others. Remember life is not a marathon; rather, it is a garden that has different roses and each rose is beautiful in its own way.


  1. Awesome article. Especially the 6th point, in order to feel the pain and diseases of certain people and their relatives which you might not be going through. good point.

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