Dangerous social categories

Dangerous social categories


Qaiser MutaweaBy Qaiser Hamid Mutawie

WITH the reasonable space of freedom currently existing, we always remain in need of those who will tell the truth, clear and simple, without any fear or apprehension.

We need those who will criticize constructively when there is any shortcoming in any government department or its officials. They will be doing their duty when they point out the shortcomings or the substandard performances.

The government is quite aware that there will not be any development, reforms or improvement in the absence of the sincere observations and the constructive criticism.

It knows that the end objective of the candid and constructive criticism is the general welfare not the personal interests.

The government is also aware that the purpose of those who criticize constructively is to see the Kingdom taking its right place among the advance countries. It knows very well that this category of citizens aim for the public interest not for personal gains, sedition, destruction or agitation.

However, there are other categories living among us who constitute real danger for us. The first of these categories are those who are not aware of the importance of the current phase and are still living in the past.

They talk in public everything which is exactly opposite to what they hide in their chests. They always repeat that everything is good and bright but they whisper the exact opposite in the ears of their close friends at their special gatherings.

They will turn left and right lest someone else may hear them before they criticize the performance of the government departments and the corruption existing in them.

There is a second category which is still playing the trumpets publicly and secretly that everything is right and beautiful.

They are not content with this but go further to justify any mistake by the government departments or the officials leading them.

They believe that it is not the time to criticize the government or its departments and they do not hesitate to describe those who criticize the government at this time as “traitors”.

They think that by so doing they will please their their bosses who will reward them for their obvious hypocrisy.

The existence of such a category of citizens will not enable the society to advance or progress. On the contrary, the society will remain stagnant because there are no remarks or observations that will help it develop.

The third category is exactly opposite to the two previous ones. They criticize in loud voices at their private gatherings. They also speak loudly of the troubles they had faced in their continuous effort to fight corruption and their calls for freedom and democracy.

They want everyone to listen to their loud criticism so as to describe them as courageous citizens who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the public interest.

In fact, this category of citizens are not criticizing for the general interest of the state or to improve the performance of the government departments. They are only building their own self glory and looking for a good reputation which actually they do not deserve.

All these categories have been living among us since early times. They are like cancer spreading not shrinking.

They constitute real danger against the security, stability and progress of the society.

What these categories do not know is that the government is very aware of the substandard performance of its departments and for this very reason has established supervisory bodies. Therefore, there is no ground for any category to claim that the performance of the departments and the officials is flawless.

The government also wants to listen to constructive criticism in public so as to improve its performance. It does not want those who praise it in public and attack it in secrecy.

The government also has the right to punish those who speak against it in public only to be described as “brave and oppressed strugglers” while in fact they are only spreading sedition and planting seeds of dissension.

We do not want any of these categories among us. They are extremely dangerous for the country, the government and the society.