Delay increasing electricity prices

Delay increasing electricity prices

Khaled Al-Solaiman

Khaled Al-Sulaiman

THE government has decided to announce the new pricing of electricity and fuel in June in accordance with the fiscal balance program. I suggest delaying the announcement until the end of the summer so that people’s electricity bills do not increase with the summer heat.

Choosing June is inappropriate because people are generally sensitive to any hike at any time; this is human nature. However, how will they react when the new prices of electricity are announced in the summer when electricity consumption is at its highest? The price of electricity is going to be at its highest level this year.

Realizing the impact of an increase in living expenses usually takes a few months. As a result, it is inappropriate to increase electricity prices during the summer. However, if the hike is necessary then it is better to leave it until winter when less electricity is consumed and people are less sensitive to the increase.

People have been struggling over the past few months because of the confusion caused by the loss of jobs in the private sector. There is also a disruption within the private sector and people are unable to recognize changes. Rescheduling the announcement about the price of energy and services is logical and important to make people’s lives easier.