Put a stop to the crimes of abusive husbands

Put a stop to the crimes of abusive husbands

Saad Al-Dawsari

By Saad Al-Dawsari
EVERY now and then we hear about husbands killing their wives in Gulf countries. A woman died recently in the United Arab Emirates when her husband pushed her out of a car while driving fast on the highway. Several crimes have taken place in the Kingdom in which husbands have cruelly killed their wives.

Unfortunately, we do not have studies on murders involving husbands and wives and we cannot put our finger on the reasons why such murders take place and how to prevent them in the future. Studies of these crimes should be immediately conducted. We cannot stand by while these crimes take place and do nothing to prevent them.

Most people today live a fast life and seem not to care about the crimes they see on TV or hear about on radio. Some of us have become hardened to such tragedies. In fact, the whole world seems to adopt a nonchalant attitude about the tragedies that befall other members of society. Individualism seems to be prevalent with people only caring about their own interests.

People are prone these days to isolate themselves from other members of their community. A large number of people are turning to social media websites to communicate with other people from different parts of the world. Virtual reality is now in.

Cruel and abusive husbands who inflict verbal or physical abuse on their wives live in their own virtual worlds in which they search for angelic wives of stunning beauty. They see their real wives as satanic ugly creatures. Those husbands are sick.


  1. Try to say one word of negative comment on an Arabic speaking wife and she will turn everything into hell with her annoying piercing voice and her female sisters will join in like black crowd, As a result, some people can’t help but shutting women like that up.

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