Teach your daughters how to drive

Teach your daughters how to drive

Maha Al-Shehri

By Maha Al-Shehri

SEVERAL incidents of women being saviors or heroes, especially when their men developed sudden health problems while behind the wheel, have been reported in the media.

Recently a female university student became the hero when she rose to the occasion and took the wheel after the driver of her university bus fainted. Ashwaq Al-Shamri of Hail University took the bus and the driver to safety. The news of the incident was widely circulated on social media.

The female student was able to avert an accident and save the bus driver by driving him to hospital because she had learned driving despite the ban on women driving existing in the country.

There is no legal basis for preventing women from driving but the Kingdom has so far failed to allow its female citizens to exercise this legitimate right.

I believe that every woman should learn driving as a skill even if she does not own a vehicle or may not obtain a driving license in the near future. We have seen men learning cooking even though they do not cook on a daily basis.

The mastering of a skill will enable us to use it whenever a need arises. It will help us deal with various life situations boldly and efficiently.

It is high time that we overcome the mentality that women are incapable and inferior beings. We have limited women’s roles treating them as weak despite their capabilities, aptitude and decision-making prowess.
People have to recognize that women are no less than men in terms of qualifications and efficiency. Women are partners of men in every walk of life.

Even while considering women as mentors of new generations and protectors of families, some of us wrongly believe that they are incompetent in most matters, which they think are reserved for men.

In a nutshell, we should teach our women how to drive for the sake of themselves and others. A situation may arise at any point of our life where we will not find anyone except women as saviors as has occurred in the case of the Hail bus driver.


  1. Sister Maha we have lot much to teach to our daughters and children to be a better human and Muslim, not just driving. There are other ways to take the sick to hospital without our daughter driving. You have 997 service active in Kingdom and you cannot point out at their services. Keep focused on what we need than what you want.

    • With all due respect, sometimes health conditions are too urgent to wait for an ambulance. Imagine someone is having a heart attack, or going into labour, and there is heavy traffic on the streets. Sometimes the most efficient and logical way is to get to the nearest hospital yourself, and that is the case all over the world. Yes sure, teach girls to be better humans, better Muslims, and your boys as well. But you can also teach driving, they are not mutually exclusive. Islam actually teaches us to widen our horizons and never stop seeking knowledge and apititude. Why can’t driving be included in that?

    • What if 997 takes more time to come? What if there is no proper responce from 997? what if there is no mobile signal? there can be still many “What if” that I can add, I hope you have read so many stories where 997 has failed. I personally called once repeatedly because of some unisual situation, it just kept ringing without responce. The writer is telling to train your women folk to know how to drive as one of the essientials for life. She is not telling only to teach them driving and nothing else. grow up brother. Dont be a frog in the pond.

    • Letting professionals to take care of it is always the best solution, however, it is not always possible.

      Not even in countries like Netherlands (densely populated, strict laws about traffic). There are many cases when driving yourself / meeting the ambulance mid-way to the hospital is preferable. Because it is so far (outside the city), because the roads are so full (in the city)… Imagine that there are just two people in the car (a man and his wife), travelling from one city to another, in the middle of nowhere, he has a health emergency and the ambulance can arrive in one hour (for example). Isn’t it much better to meet them half way?

  2. Teach all our daughters not to lie, not to trick others, not to abuse house workers not to cheat in exam not to have illegal meetings with unrelated males

  3. Maha is just advising additional skills for all daughters,of course all parents will teach daughters what’s necessary for her,Islam empower womens by all means.

  4. I appreciate the writer’s point of view… Saudi Govt should introduce on trial basis and check out the results of women driving in this country…

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