Qatar: A shameful history!

Qatar: A shameful history!

Hussein Shobokshi

By Hussein Shobokshi


KISSINGER Associates, Inc., an international consulting firm, is known as the mysterious advisory office owned by the former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. This office employs many influential former government officials and thus has, over time, earned a very good share of the influential weight in the corridors of decision-making in the United States of America.

Not long ago, this office was contracted by two states from the Arab world to “reform” their image and to present to the US administration that they would be strategic tools for them.

The first was the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen, which suffered a very violent shake-up after the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda in Yemen managed to carry out a major terrorist attack against the US destroyer Cole which caused many causalities. Ali Abdullah Saleh thought that he must move to contact the influential Jewish community of Yemeni origins in Israel to open a channel of communication with the advisory office and presented himself to be a reliable partner to combat terrorism. The proposed idea was accepted by the Clinton administration under the pretext of combating terrorism.

The second state that hired the services of Kissinger Associates, Inc., was Qatar. After the coup of Hamad Bin Khalifa against his father, Hamad realized that he must protect himself from all opponents of the treacherous coup and began to promote himself as “ready” to be the new tool of creative chaos and to be protected with the US base in Qatar. The revolutionary left-wing public offering became one of the slogans of the satellite station Al Jazeera that he launched, and this great symbolic name which describes the dubious coup ambitions that cross the border of his small and geographically modest country.

However, the satellite station was used as a platform to address all dissenting voice of the various Arab countries. At the same time, the “Sharia and Life” was broadcast, a program that is ostensibly religious, but in fact it promoted the political Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood and made the controversial advocate of the terrorist fatwas Yusuf Qaradawi a star, the legitimacy that he was looking for and yearning for quite long. It was also the satanic mix that generated the mass movement and launched terrorism as a resistance in the countries of Libya, Iraq, Egypt and Tunisia.

Qatar is well versed with the approach, which served exactly what is happening in the region and in line with the agenda of the Obama & Clinton administration. Till the movement of rebellion in Egypt and millions taking to streets to overthrow the regime of Mohamed Morsi through the support of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain which was extended to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. The change in situation in Egypt infuriated the coup regime in Qatar. However, Hamad was forced to hand over the formal authority to his son after the evidence of his conviction in support of terrorism came to the fore. His son, the current ruler, continued with the same support of terrorism and has been exposed in the eyes of the millions by recent events and his malicious agenda.

Qatar has drowned in the swamp of scandal and it will not be saved unless by the vigilance of its own people, who are ashamed of their honor of what is happening now but do not dare to speak out of fear of imprisonment or being stripped of their nationality, as happened to thousands before.

Qatar has sunk into disrepair and will end in history with great shame.