Defamation of Saudi women on Twitter must be stopped

Defamation of Saudi women on Twitter must be stopped


Hanan Alnufaie
There are a lot of discussions on Twitter, some of which are constructive. However, the majority of the social discussions mainly focus on defaming women who have chosen to study or work in majors other than the field of teaching, which is considered to be the safest profession due to its separate-gender environment. However, I am a firm believer that defamation is a crime equal to murder and corruption, and people who commit this inhumane crime must be severely punished.

These disrespectful people try, unconvincingly, to justify their slander by claiming that they are defenders of Islam. One thing is for sure: these people are fanatics as far as the principles of Islam are concerned. I am sure everyone is aware that Islam has a clear and stern warning against people who accuse women of immoral actions and that people who do this will be cursed in this life and in the Hereafter for their major sin. The Holy Qur’an says: “Those who slander chaste women, indiscreet but believing, are cursed in this life and in the Hereafter: for them is a grievous penalty.”

Moreover, slandering women is considered one of the seven sins that doom a person to Hell. So after this, who on earth can believe that defamation is a part of Islam?

Moreover, Islam gives equal rights to all women to seek knowledge and work in professions for which they have a genuine passion – as long as they are attired according to the guidelines of Islam and the work atmosphere is respectable.

Those who defame women on Twitter also call themselves strong protectors of customs and traditions. However, here is a simple question: Do you think that harming the reputation of women is a part of any kind of custom or tradition on earth? While I am a firm believer that many traditions in our society are illogical and must be totally removed from our mindset, I have never heard that our traditions call for accusing women of immoral actions just because they choose to study abroad with a male relative or work in different professions.

And here is a quick reminder: In our customs and traditions, it is manly NOT to talk about the reputations of women or to damage their honor under any circumstances.

No one has any right to besmirch a woman’s reputation. There is a big difference between expressing opinions and spreading false accusations about women who pursue their studies abroad, or choose to work in professions such as medicine, nursing or law. In the worst scenario, even if there is an immoral woman, this does not give anyone the right to stereotype all women. How can a society progress without the contribution of women? Over time, Saudi women have proven their morals, ethics, and professional ability.

Women are part and parcel of modern society and the male gender should support them under all circumstances. I call on the concerned authorities to impose deterrent punishment for anyone who tries to defame women. I am sure that if there were strict laws against the defamation of women, we would not be seeing such a large number of posts on Twitter trying to ruin women’s social image. A point of interest to note is that Kuwait has recently implemented a law to cope with slandering. Let us take this as an example and implement something similar here in the Kingdom.

Hanan Alnufaie


  1. Saudi women are living in a unique society where males take care of their wives and female family members financially and socially.

    Thus, if a woman goes out to earn and make ends meets, many saudis and foreigners have the idea that she is either divorced/fatherless/brotherless woman, or simply her father/husband is useless.

    It is 100% possible that many expat women may be in the kingdom without their husbands or male family members, but Saudi women must have husband or male family members as they live in the country for all of their lives, or else how did she come into existence?

    When people are saying things againt Saudi women, people are shaming their irresponsible husbands or fathers/brothers, not the women.

    Women can work in any profession, but how many women in Muslim or most advanced non-Muslim countries work as a taxi driver, engineers to work with all male group, or on off shore oil rigs, or mobile phone repair person or plumbers, electricians?

    Saudi women must not use the notion that in their culture, they can do anything without any comments from the very conservative society. They must either choose professions which are respectable and acceptable according to the norms of their conservative society, or grow thick skin.
    Many saudi women study overseas alone, even their male companion/brother/husband who went with them, never accompany her on the bus or walk with her to school.
    Many women wearing a burka head to toe or scarf and tight clothing, walking all over town alone. How does she fare as a muslimah?
    Non-Muslims do not see her as a good muslim woman but a woman who is using a scarf or burka for some purpose. Many Muslim women go around alone in burka or scarf have been attakced in many places, because it is strange to see a Muslimah walking around alone, day or night.
    Also the way she talks or expresses her opinion, or making eye roll in Burka or in scarf gives strange ideas to Non-muslims.
    It is the same way a bearded Muslim man with a long white dress is seen drinking at a bar, does he make a good impression for non-muslims? In that case, people will not respect him even he is saying the right thing, becaue he makes himself a hypocrite.

    Saudi or Muslim women Going around alone in a foreign land away from any family member, to study or get a job is more important, or getting married/staying in the bosom of the family, and choose a profession according to study in her own country?

    • And it is because of you and others of your type that such toxic and ugly prejudice continues. When women are against women, it makes women’s progress that much harder and slower.

      Shame on you for your disrespectful generalizations and slander of Saudi women….

      Majority of the young people of the country can’t wait for evolution to take place and the dinosaurs to become extinct.

  2. Please note that African Muslim women study in foreign countries…there are no stigma about them doing this. So why is there one about Saudi women doing the same? I even met African women obliged to leave their children to their mother in order to come to study abroad and their society supported them.

    • Hi Karole, just read the comment by “Dr. Nina Abdullah” to get a glimpse of how dinosaurs think! That should answer your question.

  3. Hi,

    Dr. Nina Abdullah is spot on! (absolutely right). Haters of Islaamic tradition will use such bad words. Do not pay attention to them.

  4. Sadly the defamation comes only from other Arabsnot Westerners. We could care less what you study and what you do with your training any job is fine with us. This is an Arab problem only.