New Year’s goals

New Year’s goals

New Year’s goals

A new year is about to start and new goals are going to be set. Perhaps not all of our goals have been accomplished, not all of our hopes have been met, and all of our wishes have been granted. A lot of things have changed and a lot of things have changed us. Happy times have revived us, and bad times have made us stronger than we used to be. At times we thought that we owned the world and at other times the world had its grip on us.
New Year’s goals

Just when we thought everything was going to be okay, we were deeply wounded. However, some have healed when they thought that they wouldn’t. Just when we were so disappointed, new hopes brought us back to life. Just when we thought nothing would be the same as it used to be, our lives settled down. At times, we didn’t believe in ourselves and at other times we felt confident.

Just when we thought we cared about people’s views of us, we realized that that was not important. Just when we couldn’t seem to change ourselves, we became the change we see in our lives. Just when we thought that the cautious live better, we realized that the brave live forever. In the end, just when we thought we were repeating our mistakes, we stopped and learned more than ever.

Some say set your goals, but I believe it’s a two-way street. We set them and they set us even if they are not accomplished. This is why Allah often delays granting our wishes and aspirations for a later time for a reason. Indeed, everything happens for a reason, and knowing that reason later is a blessing.

For me, all of my wishes have not been granted nor have all of my goals been accomplished. Moreover, the goals of different people differ from resolutions to changing or acquiring habits to improvements. Furthermore, If your goals are not accomplished, the belief in your potential to achieve something allows you to be halfway there, if Allah so wills.

In the end, I write to recap what I have learned through my good times and bad times. My New Year’s goal is to improve myself thoroughly and consistently and to learn from what the days shall teach me. I wish you all a year full of prosperity and happiness.

Lama Al-Harbi