More than 1,500 Saudi engineers jobless: SCE

More than 1,500 Saudi engineers jobless: SCE


Saudi Gazette report

DAMMAM — Some 1,584 Saudi engineers are jobless, Makkah daily reported on Tuesday quoting Jameel Al-Bakaawi, chairman of the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE).

He said in his Twitter account that these engineers are registered with the SCE but are not registered with the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) since they are not employed.

“About 56 percent of them are specializing in electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering,” he said.

The chairman, however, said the council has received as many as 683 requests from a number of private sector establishments wishing to employ Saudi engineers. “We have so far succeeded in employing a total of 44 Saudi engineers and are still looking for jobs for the others,” the chairman said.

Bakaawi said the SCE held a recent meeting through closed TV circuit with all its branches in Dammam, Jeddah and Riyadh to discuss the employment of the Saudi engineers and to formulate a special mechanism for the purpose.

He also said a permanent committee was set up at the council’s secretariat general to follow up the issue and make efforts with the private sector, particularly the sector of contracting, to take in more Saudi engineers.
Former chairman of the council, Hamad Al-Shakawi said there should not be a single unemployed Saudi engineer in the engineering sector which is completely dominated by the expatriates.

He said the private companies and establishments prefer to employ non-Saudis because of their low pay.

“The Saudi engineers will not usually accept the salaries being paid to the expatriates because they will not be enough for their needs and requirements,” he said.

According to the SCE, the jobless Saudi engineers consist of 40 specializing in internal decor, 58 in industrial engineering, 89 in computer sciences, 112 chemical, 154 architects, 264 civil, 283 mechanical and 349 electrical engineers.


  1. How can a private sector employ a Saudi engineer who is asking for a higher salary compared to expats? The ratio is 1 Saudi engineer is already equal to 3 expats; and if you compare how an expat deal with his work, unlike some Saudi engineer, he respects and loves his work..

  2. It is just that some Saudis don’t work like expats,not engineers but in any profession or field…

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