17,078 abandoned vehicles towed off streets in Jeddah

17,078 abandoned vehicles towed off streets in Jeddah


JEDDAH — The municipality towed 17,078 abandoned cars off the streets during the past year.

Ahmad Al-Mihanbi, a senior Jeddah Municipality official, said the municipality has recently cooperated with three companies for towing abandoned cars whether they were in good or bad conditions.

“Cooperating with the private sector has expedited the work of the municipality and gave it a better quality. The municipality divided the city into three regions, each company responsible for towing abandoned cars off of its designated region,” said Al-Mihanbi.
He added the city was divided into north, center and south.

“The north region includes New Jeddah, Ubhur, Taibah, Dhahban and Thuwal. The central region included Al-Aziziyah, Al-Sharafiyah, Al-Matar and Briman. The south region includes Al-Balad, Al-Jamiah, Umm Al-Silm and Al-Janoob,” said Al-Mihanbi.

Jeddah Municipality Cleaning and Renovation Director Sami Khallaf said the municipality follows a certain procedure in towing abandoned cars.

“We first mark the car to be towed. Then we give the owners of the cars, if identified, notice that if the car is not removed it will be towed and seized by the municipality. Last year, we marked a total of 19,853 cars of which 17,078 of those cars were unclaimed and therefore towed,” said Khallaf.

He added a total of 5,154 cars were claimed by their owners. “I would like to acknowledge the cooperation of the general public in reporting any abandoned vehicles they see. They can contact us by calling 940, or connecting with us on social media or through the municipality’s smart phones application,” said Khallaf.

He added the municipality and the people of Jeddah are together responsible for the image of the city.

“It is our job to maintain our city and to ensure that it reflects the modernity of its people. Abandoned cars and vehicle skeletons were hindering and harming to the drivers of Jeddah,” the official said.