20% drop expected in housemaid recruitment cost

20% drop expected in housemaid recruitment cost


JEDDAH — The cost of recruiting housemaids is expected to go down by about 20 percent, local daily Al-Madina reported on Monday quoting a number of recruitment offices.

The offices attributed the drop to agreements for hiring housemaids which the Ministry of Labor and Social Development will sign during the first quarter of this year with Somalia, Ethiopia, Guinea and Chad.

They said citizens will have the option to recruit housemaids from more countries.

Chairman of the recruitment committee at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) Yahya Al-Maqbool also said the housemaid recruitment agreements to be signed with the four African countries are expected to bring down the cost of recruitment. He said the offices in a comprehensive meeting recently discussed all the measures being taken by the ministry to streamline the process of foreign manpower recruitment.

Mohammed Al-Sulami and Adel Al-Jaber, owners of two recruitment offices, said the low and medium income citizens were badly affected by the high cost of recruitment.

Meanwhile, Saudi Embassy in Manilla warned against dubious recruitment contracts.

The embassy made it clear that recruitment could only be done through licensed offices in the Kingdom. “This will protect the rights of both the employer and the employee,” it said.

The embassy said it will not be responsible for any breach of contracts or any delays in sending housemaids in case citizens deal directly with recruitment offices in the Philippines without liaising with Saudi offices.


  1. Why Saudis need Housemaids? In last few months we saw many housemaids involved in killing and all. Government is encouraging citizens to work (which is good) in different sectors kicking out all the expats then why don’t you start from your own homes. First learn to do the personal home work. Be competitive to expats. Many expats are working and looking after their dependents also without any housemaids. So stop hiring Expats and stop issuing work visas till 2030…

  2. Now no party is believing that recruitment cost will be less as the distrust prevail there. The authority should be serious so that no agency either in the Kingdom or outside can cheat. The middle man business is everywhere. As a result the misconception is arising.