3 drug smugglers on Umrah visa arrested

3 drug smugglers on Umrah visa arrested

King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA)

JEDDAH – The Customs authorities at King Abdulaziz International Airport foiled three attempts to smuggle in a total of 1.72 kilograms of heroin and cocaine.

Bandar Al-Raheeli, director general of the airport, said that three smugglers who came on Umrah visa have been arrested.

It was found in X-ray screening that one passenger was carrying 60 capsules weighing 679 grams of cocaine. Another passenger was arrested for smuggling 100 capsules with 779 grams of heroin and a third one was nabbed with 262 grams of cocaine.

All of them were carrying drugs in their intestines, the Saudi Press Agency reported.


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