350,000 pilgrims received healthcare last Haj

350,000 pilgrims received healthcare last Haj

Ministry of Health

By Ibrahim Alawi

MAKKAH — The Health Affairs Directorate in Makkah province reported that more than 350,000 pilgrims received medical treatment during the past Haj season.

A source said a total of 421 cardiac surgeries were performed on pilgrims during the Haj season while 14 cases of childbirths were attended to.

“The external clinics received around 68,000 pilgrims, 41,000 of them through the emergency rooms. The external clinics performed a total of 680 surgeries while 1,930 renal patients received dialyses. The directorate will open 24 new health centers with a capacity for 4,212 patients,” said the source.

A report revealed that the directorate had opened several new hospitals with a total capacity of 2,598 beds last year.

“King Faisal Hospital and King Abdulaziz Hospital were expanded to add 300 new beds each while Al-Noor Hospital›s Intensive Care Unit added 17 beds. The directorate has also expanded the burns department at Al-Noor Hospital alongside the waiting room and the emergency care unit,” said the source.
The source also said the directorate upgraded emergency services in Hira General Hospital.

“The directorate also expanded Ibn Sina Hospital and opened eight new health centers. The directorate will expand the capacity of Ajyad Hospital to 300 beds and Al-Hujoon Hospital to 200 beds. The directorate will also open seven health centers north of the Grand Mosque,” said the source.

He said the directorate will soon open Makkah General Hospital with a capacity of 500 beds and Al-Jumoom Hospital with a capacity of 100 beds.
“Four health centers will temporarily open inside the Grand Mosque. There will also be a dentistry center with 100 clinics. There will also be a center for behavioral and developmental disorders and a trauma center with a capacity of 100 beds,” said the source.

He said the directorate will develop the infrastructure of Hira General Hospital and the intensive care unit of Al-Noor Specialist Hospital.
“The directorate will also expand Al-Muaisim Emergency Complex and open five new warehouses for hospital supplies in Makkah,” said the source.
The source said the directorate will also open a new dentistry center in Taif with 100 clinics.

Other health facilities set to open in the region include Al-Hawiyah Hospital with a capacity of 200 beds, Al-Kharma Hospital (200 beds), Turbah Hospital (200 beds), a children’s hospital with a capacity of 300 beds and the 500-bed Al-Amal Hospital,” said the source.

The source said a new heart center and a maternity hospital will open in Taif. He said six new health centers, a 500-bed medical complex, a 200-bed maternity and children›s hospital and a dentistry center with 50 clinics will open in Qunfudah. The directorate will also rebuild the infrastructure of Qunfudha General Hospital,” said the source.