49 terror suspects nabbed in 10 days

49 terror suspects nabbed in 10 days


Mishal Al-Otaibi
Saudi Gazette

RIYADH — Forty-nine suspected terrorists were caught during the past 10 days in a preemptive crackdown in various parts of the Kingdom, security sources said.

The sources said the suspected terrorists surrendered without any resistance. They consisted of 36 Saudis, six Syrians, four Yemenis, a Sudanese and a Filipino.

Last September the Interior Ministry announced that it intercepted a terror cell during four simultaneous operations in Riyadh and Dammam. The ministry confirmed that the cell was linked to the suicide bomber behind the Abha mosque attack that took place last August.

During the Riyadh operation, Saudi forces arrested Faysal Hamed Al-Ghamdi, a wanted terrorist who had threatened to kill his father.

Another terrorist Aqeel Ameesh Al-Mutairy was killed during heavy clashes during the last September raid.

Official figures put the number of terror suspects arrested in Saudi Arabia in the last seven years at 4,777.