833 Saudi experts working in Riyadh transport project

833 Saudi experts working in Riyadh transport project

The King Abdulaziz Public Transport project in Riyadh has attracted hundreds of Saudi employees, including engineers and technicians. — Courtesy photo

RIYADH — A total of 833 Saudi engineers and experts are working for the King Abdulaziz Public Transport project in Riyadh.

A source said the project is managed by the Supreme Commission for the Development of Riyadh.

“The commission aims to promote the role of Saudis in the development of their cities. The project offers jobs for Saudis and enables them to be a part of building the future of their country,” said the source.

He said Saudis constitute a good portion of the total number of employees in the project.

“The commission has been employing Saudis in various phases of the project from planning, designing and reviewing to implementing and supervising. The Saudi experts include mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, managers, consultants, researchers and many more,” said the source.

He said the commission provided training programs and workshops for its employees to ensure quality.

“The commission aims to nationalize the technological and industrial sector of the country. After thorough research and benchmarking with projects and institutes worldwide, the commission devised a training program for Saudis to take to encourage more local to work for the private and public transportation sector and its projects,” said the source.

He added the commission cooperated with multiple public and private sector directorates and companies.

The planning and implementation of the project was done in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Saudi Railways Organization, Saudi Railways Company, King Saud University, Human Resources Fund, Industrial Cities Commission and the General Commission for Investments.