A haven of learning

A haven of learning

Pakistan International School (Azizia), Jeddah


Pakistan International School (Azizia), JeddahPAKISTAN International School, Azizia, Jeddah, has been catering to the educational needs of the Pakistani children since 1959 when it started functioning as Pakistan Embassy School in a rented building in Baghdadia District, Jeddah.

From its humble beginnings 56 years ago, it has now its own majestic and grand building in Al Azizia District and has grown into a prestigious institution of great stature which assists its students through an integrated pattern of competence and excellence. Throughout its history, it has upheld the, “Strive for Excellence” motto and by the grace of Allah Almighty it has produced many gems of students.

Every year, quite a large number of students from this institution get admission to professional colleges in Pakistan on merit basis. Not only this, those who proceed to foreign countries for higher education bring honor to their alma mater by making their mark in the international arena. With a view to bringing about further improvements, the school has entered a new phase of development for the grooming of teachers and students where the teachers will be able to acquire enhancement in their professional competence and the students will be able to give vent to their creative talent through extra curricular activities.

This institution has always been rising equal to the new challenges and is fully alive to the demands of the modern education. We aim at providing quality education and inculcation of sound moral and social values among the students.

We do realize that quality of instruction is closely linked with the quality of teachers. To equip the members of faculty with the requisite standards, the school has adopted a whole range of grooming measures. The school recognized that the faculty members play a pivotal role in the educational set up and in spite of many practical difficulties, it has always tried and is trying its best to recruit qualified teachers from the Kingdom in order to cope with the situation.

Students need a congenial atmosphere where they can imbibe the sterling qualities of discipline to transform them into responsible citizens.
The institution has launched an ambitious program to bring these goals within the realm of attainability. Rules and regulations concerning to discipline and conduct have been framed to check in disciplinary trends and take remedial measures where necessary. A comprehensive system of evaluation to monitor the progress and conduct of the students has been introduced in the school.

Students as well as parents shall be notified properly to make them aware of their obligations and responsibilities toward maintaining a disciplined environment in the institution by recording the academic progress and observations pertaining to their good and bad conduct. For this purpose a progress section has been established which is an essential component of the academic administration of an educational institution.

Facilities for painting and fine arts, public speaking art of recitation, essay writing, educational visit, school news bulletin, poetry/prose recitation, debates/school magazine, quiz competitions, science and art exhibitions, etc., are being provided to the students. Girls of higher age groups have the opportunities to develop such skills as stitching, needle work, glass work etc.

An exhibition on cultural heritage of Pakistan was held in the school where the students expressed their inherent talent in such a magnificent way that it won the acclaim of all and sundry.

In order to promote healthy competitive spirit amongst students, inter-house competitions are held in all co-curricular activities, extra-curricular activities and sports. For this purpose, the students have been divided into Houses.

Although the school doesn’t have a playground of its own, yet it provides ample chances to its students to show their talents in the domain of the sports as well.

All these fundamental goals manifest the strong commitment on the part of the school to attain the highest standards in the field of education. We aim at transforming the school into a strategic base for future leaders of the nation in all walks of the life in accordance with the national values and aspirations by instilling in them sublimity of thought and sense of proportion.

To all intents and purpose, we aim to change the school into a center of excellence for creation and dissemination of knowledge where our students will find their today better than yesterday and sky will be the limit for them in their future endeavors.