Bids to plant mines, smuggle weapons and hashish foiled: MOI

Bids to plant mines, smuggle weapons and hashish foiled: MOI

RIYADH – The Kingdom’s Border Guard personnel at the southern borders have foiled attempts to plant landmines and smuggle weapons, ammunition and over half a ton of hashish.

The Border Guard also arrested those involved in these crimes by closely monitoring the frontiers and apprehending smugglers who attempt to cross the borders and enter the Kingdom.

This took place during the period of March 10-18, this year, according to the Saudi Press Agency, who quoted the security spokesman of the Ministry of Interior on Sunday.

They were dealt with according to the measures followed in such cases in order to ward off danger. In these operations, 30 smugglers were arrested. Of these, 19 were Ethiopians, 7 were Yemenis, three Saudis and one undocumented person.

The authorities also arrested 1,265 infiltrators. These included Yemenis, Ethiopians and Somalis.

Exchange of gunfire with the smugglers resulted in killing three and injuring two of the smugglers. Over eight landmines, 23 various firearms, 32,160 live bullets and 607 kg of hashish found in their possession were seized.

No security man was hurt during these operations, the Interior Ministry security spokesman added.

While announcing this haul, the Ministry of Interior stressed that the Kingdom’s borders with Yemen are witnessing security threats and attempts by terrorists to attack the border posts and infiltrate into the Kingdom in order to plant landmines; smuggle explosives, weapons and drugs.

And as these actions pose a direct threat to the safety and lives of the security men and their colleagues in the military forces while carrying out their duties in defending the nation, the Border Guard forces will not be lenient with any of those who cross the borders illegally into the Kingdom. The Border Guard will start carrying out their measures by stopping by force any person who does not obey their calls and orders. – SPA