Canada now a preferred destination for Saudi students

Canada now a preferred destination for Saudi students


Saudi Gazette report

Riyadh — Canada has surpassed the US as the most popular study destination for Saudi students studying abroad, according to a survey.

Canada is followed by Australia, United Kingdom, the US, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and New Zealand, according to the data gathered on for the period from January to April 2017.

Traffic and student search queries on have shifted from the US (now in 4th place) to Canada, Australia & UK respectively.

Some 39% of US universities have reported declines in the number of applications from countries in the Middle East, according to a report by the American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers.

Some 42% percent of students in the Middle East study undergraduate courses abroad, while 41.4% study Master’s degree and 16.3% pursued their doctoral degree. The most common courses include Business Management, Finance, Accounting, Computer Science, Engineering, Architecture, Medicine, Marketing, Political Science, and Environmental Science.

According to a report by Statista, the United States tops the countries with the highest fees, averaging $24,914, closely followed by Australia at $24,081. Malaysia is at the lowest end of the spectrum, averaging $2,453.
Taipei (Taiwan) and Mexico City (Mexico) lead the most affordable cities valued at 83 out of 100 according to general student affordability.

International students contribute over $32 billion a year into the US economy.

With the increase of self-funded international students in the region, the perception of the benefits of studying abroad has grown relatively.

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  1. Canada is one country that is hospitable to foreigners they have always welcomed them In Europe London is the most diverse and tolerant of all nationalities

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