Car rental sector to be 100% Saudized

Car rental sector to be 100% Saudized


Saudi Gazette report

Riyadh — The car rental sector will be 100% Saudized in a move to open up job opportunities for Saudi citizens.

A workshop to discuss the issues relating to Saudization and the challenges in implementing it was organized here recently by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD).

It reviewed the presence of expat workers in the sector in violation of Article 39 of the Labor Law as well as the prevalence of commercial cover-up cases.


A unified work contract will be drawn up for Saudis interested in joining the car rental sector, said Undersecretary for special programs at MLSD Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shafi.

The objective is to protect the rights of all parties who are signatories to unified work contract, he said.

The workshop entitled “Saudization of car rental offices” discussed the need to offer training to those Saudis wishing to join the sector as well as to those who are already working in the sector.

The other issues discussed related to work hours, work contract, counting university students in the part-time work system, and the means of implementing Saudization regionally in stages.

The workshop also discussed the challenges facing the Saudization of the car rental sector and the means of implementing it.

It stressed the importance of organizing the sector and the possible measures to support the national manpower through incentives, financing and training to be carried out by the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf).

The Social Development Bank will provide financing to Saudis wishing to invest in the sector.


  1. good decision. Even most of the Sales jobs can be saudized. Most employees in them are mainly there for being an Arabic speaker.. No sales techniques whatsoever.

  2. All the sectors are being saudized why its like this? are we expats not a part of this society…. Diversity in the workforce is always an added advantage… Just a simple question: why are we given work visas to enter into the country if we’re no more needed?