Citizen accuses hospital of hiding his newborn’s body

Citizen accuses hospital of hiding his newborn’s body

Authorities set up probe committee

Maternity hospital

HAFR AL-BATIN – The Directorate of Health Affairs in Hafr Al-Batin has denied reports in several mainstream media publications and on social media about the disappearance of the body of a newborn from the maternity hospital.

The directorate said in a press statement that the Hafr Al-Batin Health Affairs has formed a committee of specialists to check on the reports.
The directorate said it has been conducting laboratory tests and clinical examination of the woman and all results indicate lack of previous pregnancy or previous birth and that the uterus looks natural without any changes.

It noted that through the review of all official records of the hospital, it turned out that the woman does not have any admission or discharge records or any medical files or information on being inside the operating rooms and at the hospital, which confirms that the claim is not true. It also saidthe concerned authorities will be informed to complete the process after confirming that the reports are correct, Alsharq Arabic daily reported.

Hafr Al-Batin Health Affairs also confirmed that admission and discharge process at the maternity hospital is subject to a strict regime and protocol that works for the mother and the fetus and is applied to the fullest and the percentage of error is very slim, where it passes several interconnected stages that allow beneficiaries to ensure their rights, as well as to ensure the hospital’s safety of the procedure.

The people of Hafr Al-Batin sympathized with the citizen Safoug Al-Shammari after reports of his lost newborn spread especially after his claim that he had waited for more than ten years to have a child.

Al-Shammari appeared on social media telling the story described as more like a nightmare that he and his wife experienced during the weekend. “I waited for this baby for ten years, and I married a second time when God did not bless me from my first wife with a child and after months of marriage she told me that she was pregnant.

My wife was admitted Wednesday afternoon to the hospital. I was then surprised after contacting her on the same day that the hospital told her that the child was born dead. I tried to get the body of the baby but the hospital declined my request,” he said.