Citizens express their anger on “Sawarekh Jeddah” raid

Citizens express their anger on “Sawarekh Jeddah” raid

Citizens express their anger on

Saudi Gazette Report

JEDDAH — The raid by Jeddah municipality on “Sawarekh Jeddah” store irritated the citizens, as reported by Al-Madina.

On social media, majority of the citizens censured the recent disposal by Jeddah municipality related to the raid on “Sawarekh Jeddah” store located in the southern governorate.

Jeddah municipality sent some groups to destroy and spoil large amount of goods and house tools to combat the selling of health harmful items.

They based their arguments on the fact that these sellers are actually illegal in terms of both Iqama and labor and they do not even own a statutory declaration; these sellers managed to take advantage of streets and obstruct the roads preventing vehicles from passing.

Majority of the comments by the citizens on the shared pictures and videos agreed that the municipality was supposed to send warnings beforehand to the sellers before running over their goods using many large vehicles.

“We care about Jeddah citizens’ safety and health thus, the raid process on the harmful items sold in “Swarekh Jeddah” took place. We got rid of stores taking advantage of streets by some illegal residents who are selling their items without even having a license or a permit to practice such work. They are even blocking the equipment of the civil defense,” clarified Jeddah municipality.

“We immediately spoiled their items due to the fact that they were selling expired items and some of them were even brought from anonymous sources. As a result, we wanted to ensure that those items go nowhere, so we just followed the law of commission anti-fraud system,” added the municipality.