Clearance from police delays hiring from Bangladesh

Clearance from police delays hiring from Bangladesh

Bangladeshi workers have to wait for 25-30 days for police clearance certificates.
Bangladeshi workers have to wait for 25-30 days for police clearance certificates.

Mohammed Al-Abdullah

DAMMAM — Police clearance certificates, made compulsory by the Saudi Embassy in Dhaka for Bangladeshi men and women before recruitment to work in the Kingdom, has delayed the arrival of housemaids, according to national recruitment offices in the Kingdom.

Bangladeshi workers have to wait for 25-30 days for police clearance certificates.

The offices said they were surprised by the embassy’s request to append police clearance certificates to required documents before completing the procedures for recruiting housemaids.

They said the difficulty in obtaining this certificate lies in the fact that it has to be issued by the authorities in the city, town or remote village of the worker being recruited.

According to recruitment offices, requests are piling up in the embassy at the rate of 1,000 a day.

The offices said they stopped signing contracts to hire Bangladeshi manpower because they would not be able to honor an article in the contract that makes it obligatory for them to finalize recruitment procedures within a maximum period of 60 days.

They said because of the lengthy procedures for obtaining a crime-free certificate, they will not be able to hire the manpower on time.

There are 1,000 recruitment offices in Bangladesh, 100 of which are devoted to the recruitment of women.

An estimated 1.28 million Bangladeshis work in Saudi Arabia, making it the largest destination for labor exports from Bangladesh.


  1. Bangladesh and labor exporting countries must arrange a culture day Event every three months for their citizens, especially for house workers, so that the female house workers will have a chance to socialize with other females and people from the same country who are working in the same city, and in case of abuse and mistreatment, the house workers wil have a chance to inform their embassy, without the need to run away secretly.
    There must be a law from Ministr of Labor that the sponsors must take the house workers to the Culture Day event, instead of keeping her in isolation among Arabs.

  2. As per the news item, the police clearance certificate is a demand by the Saudi Embassy in Dhaka. So, nothing to do with Bangladesh Govt. for the delay. It is the Saudi Embassy or Saudi Govt. is indirectly responsible for this delay. Yes, Police deliberately can delay in issuing this verification certificate only to get illegal money from the party. Recently I have heard that Police is asking Taka 50,000 from a person to issue the Clarence certificate. On the other hand the Adom Bepareis are also taking illegal money from these poor workers.So. if it is the reality then how come ? For most of these irregularities the so called ADOM Beparies are responsible ! That’s why G to G recruitment is better though it has got some limitations as well.