Confirmed: Dependents’ fee payment linked to iqama

Confirmed: Dependents’ fee payment linked to iqama

Confirmed: Dependents’ fee payment linked to iqama

By Adnan Al-Shabrawi

JEDDAH — The authorities have officially approved the advance payment of expat dependents’ fee at the time of iqama (residence permit) issuance or renewal to the tune of SR100 for each individual starting July 1.

Informed sources said the fees will be paid annually in advance by expat workers when their dependents’ iqamas are sent for renewal or when new iqamas are issued.

The fees will be doubled to SR200 for every dependent from July 2018, tripled to SR300 in 2019 and quadrupled to S400 from July 2020.

The sources said the amount collected from the expat dependents’ fees will go to the state’s treasury. They said the current SR200 a month levy paid by private sector companies and establishments for every foreign worker (SR2,400 per year) will continue to be paid up to the end of the current year.

From January 2018, the levy will be doubled to SR400 a month per expat worker.

At the start of 2019, the workers’ fees, to be paid by the private sector, will be increased to SR600 and then to SR800 in 2020.

The sources said the workers’ fees of SR200 monthly will be paid to the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf). But from January 2018 when it is raised to SR400 the collected revenues will be divided equally between the fund and the state’s treasury.


    • Dependents means all kinds of dependents you are sponsoring, there is unnecessary rumour circulated about 18 years above sons and parents. Still some people don’t want to believe, but fact will not change.

    • It’s simple. Anyone who lives with a worker and depends on them for their life in Saudi Arabia is a dependent. This could be a spouse (husband or wife) or children. If the spouse or children get their own iqama, then they are no longer a dependent.

    • Anyone who gets their iqama renewed because of your renewal. They’re dependent on your iqamah, if you get a final exit visa so will they and so on …

      • Amer, do some simple maths and then grow up a little bit.

        Do you know the average salary of an expatriate?
        How much an expatriate has to pay during this period who is earning SAR 5,000 a month and has 4 children and a wife . In year 2020, he will be paying more than half of his salary in return for your SUBSIDIES, PERKS and RIGHT TO LIVE.

        Also, it is not easy to JUST LEAVE for some one who worked more more than 10 years here.

        I am sure that authorities are considering all the relevent issues and will definitely come up with some solution.

      • Can you please explain and point out the perks???
        We pay for our medical
        We pay for electricity
        We pay for gas and water
        We pay for school
        We pay additional exit re entry fees which no other country applies. So what exactly are the hidden perks and utilities which we couldn’t find in so many years.

        • All the services. Access on road toll free. Garbage collection. Traffic lights. Security. Its all free of cost.

      • what subsidies brother, If you read budget they are taking out all subsidies from groceries to petrol, everything is going to be costly, and you will have to pay for all hiked fees, sponsor will not shoulder it….

    • Mr.Humza I appriciate for arising question by U, whats benifit when expatriate pay to Governments. Expetriates living area is dirty and no street light no water spply in proper way no park if some park available that too is dirty. No care by why not Govt. Make salary slot for expatriates as per education and degree holders , expatriates have to pay if the company give salary as per his degree or qualifications. We suggest to Govt. make salary slots for expatriates as per his qualifications.

  1. And, yes of course any other people brought in on the worker’s iqama like parents or in-laws would also be “dependents”. The key point about “dependents” is that they don’t have a legal job in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Why confusion guys? go to your MOI account and then browse Dashboard. you will find dependants, wife, children everyone who has iqama is dependant.
    Hope good with Allah, Trust Allah instead of people. Allah will not disappoint you, people will.

    • Actually, we have to pay extra Iqama fee for the dependents (18 years plus), below 18 years (No extra Iqama fee) but separate Iqamas. Now, Iqama fee plus dependents fee!! So, dependents age & new fee confusion is still there??

      • Stop being confused and make everyone confuse. We have to pay everyone we have under dependent. Whether u like it or not. Simple

  3. The exodus started 3000 TC – school leaving certificate from Indian school in Jeddah alone where a majority of Keralite students enrolled…..

  4. It is time now to Bye Bye K.S.A as it is impossible for low-income expat to pay dependent tax or so called fee.

    • Stay alone and earn, don’t bring your family and grandparents and other members to this country, this is not your country.

      • We can Stay Alone .We know its not our Country .we Love Saudi Arab. Our children born here. We make Saudi Arabia Strong to boost the economy . But if you want to leave Saudi Arab. We are ready but your economy will affect More & More . because you will lose !
        We pay for our medical
        We pay for electricity
        We pay for gas and water
        We pay for school
        We pay additional exit re entry fees which no other country applies.

  5. If expatriate dependent leaves Saudi Arabia then there will be huge revenue loss for the country and a gain for expatriates. They can save more money

  6. No body will leave the kingdom but yes the savings will be low because it is expected that subsidies on electricity, water and petroleum is in the pipeline. As an estimate, a family of 5 or 6 will pay 900-1500 extra per month if he want to live with the family.

  7. What is the legal position on who should pay.
    The ikama is paid for by the company by law.
    Does a company have a legal right to claim this fees from its employees.
    The minister has clarified that there is no tax paid by any resident of KSA.

  8. Still Expats are not understanding. They don’t need us anymore. They have given a option for us either leave by yourself soon with whatever you have earned till now or you will be thrown out by 2020 and all that you have earned you have to pay back in the form of indirect tax to the government. Choice is yours.

    • Damn right my friend this is just a simple indirect approach towards sending expats to home country. For me i am thankful for giving an opportunity by saudi government to work here. Now it is time for us to go home and give a chance to their locals to perform their job. Their locals need employment so let’s give it to them.

  9. This is not our country and we are here for work only. We are on just a residency paper and nothing more at all. As soon as we realize this fact it would be better for us.

    I am happy that since from the start i was planning that how to have a smooth exit and now i understand that actually it was a blessing from Allah. After giving more than 12 precious years of my life to Saudi and having 6 children born here now i am planning to first send my family back in March (after school exams) and then after completing my contract i will leave as well.

    No regrets at all.

  10. Dear All xpats start investing in ur own country n plan for returning asap saudis who r born in 2000 need jobs by 2020 so they r saying indirctly pls vacate this vaccancies n leave this country too thanks all expats for der valuable contribution its their country n they have complete right ovr it

  11. It’s a right time to leave this honourable country gentlemen in an honourable way otherwise they do have also other honourable ways kick your center point…which could be remembered by the generations to come…

  12. This is the reality of being an expatriate in Saudi Arabia. It is a temporary journey destined to end. You can stay, but if the burden of fees is too much to bear then that’s it. All I can say when the time comes, thank you for the opportunity to educate your future professionals. Thanks to all my Saudi colleagues and students who gave their respect.

  13. Dont worry …!
    Tawakkul on Allah, If Allah closes one of its paths for a wisdom which He alone knows, He will – out of His mercy – open another path for you which is even more beneficial.

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