Daesh ‘trying to lure women’

Daesh ‘trying to lure women’


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — A leading researcher in political history has said Daesh was focusing on recruiting women in the past two years.

Tawasif Al-Enizi, researcher in political and military history, said terrorist organizations aim to recruit women to procreate and nurture future foot soldiers.

“Women are naturally emotional creatures and they can easily evade national security watch because women behave more secretively than men in society.
At the same time, they are very active on social media and stealthily promote the terrorist organization they are in,” said Al-Enizi.

She said there are many accounts on Twitter purportedly belonging to females when in fact they are operated by males.

“During the past two months, there was a surge of terrorist accounts on Twitter and 70 percent of them have female account names. Analysts concluded after an exhaustive study that not all of the accounts are run by women. Men are using female names to lure women,” said Al-Enizi.

She said Daesh dedicated eight positions for women to occupy in their organization.

“Women under Daesh work as media coordinators, wives in ‘Jihadi marriages’, drafting, sewing clothes, teaching, giving lectures on Islam, aiding in suicidal missions, encouraging and supporting men and collecting money for the organization,” said Al-Enizi.

The wife of a Daesh member was killed during an operation aimed to capture a militant commander in northern Saudi Arabia early this month.

The machine-gun toting woman named Banan Hilal is shrouded in mystery. Before Hilal was shot by the Saudi security forces, she lived with a man said to be pretending to be her husband.

Al-Enizi also said she has seen in her study peculiar but noteworthy posts by women in Daesh.

“Some tweeted ‘the cause of the increased rate of spinsters in the Kingdom is the absence of Daesh men’ or ‘the woman who never married a Daesh man, never knew the true meaning of marriage’. Several such tweets praise the Daesh man highly,” said Al-Enizi.

She also said the women who are drawn to Daesh usually come from an oppressed background and are in search of freedom and purpose.
“They would try to fill an emotional void. Some are just looking for adventure. These accounts are usually run by more than one person as they are active 24 hours a day. There were several hashtags initiated to encourage migrating outside of the Kingdom. However, the citizens of the Kingdom hardly responded,” said Al-Enizi.