Dengue outbreak feared in Jeddah

Dengue outbreak feared in Jeddah


By Hussain Hazazi

JEDDAH — The Health Affairs Directorate in Jeddah has reported that the number of confirmed dengue fever cases in the city recorded a steep rise in the past 10 weeks.

Khalid Bawakid, assistant director for public health at Jeddah Health Affairs, said the directorate recorded 500 new dengue fever cases during the period.

“Four neighborhoods in the city are classified as highly vulnerable. They include Al-Hamdaniyah, Al-Balad, Al-Safa and Al-Aziziyah. The directorate launched an awareness campaign on ways to combat the spread of dengue fever in all areas of the governorate,” said Bawakid. The campaign is led by Director of Health Affairs Dr. Mishaal Al-Siyali.

“The campaign started on Sunday with the participation of more than 2,000 individuals. The participants are from various government agencies and departments. Jeddah Governor Prince Mishaal Bin Majed ordered the Health Affairs to take steps to raise awareness of dengue fever and exert all possible efforts to exterminate the vectors carrying the dengue virus,” said Bawakid.

He said the general public must cooperate with the directorate to achieve the goals of the campaign.

“The campaign will distribute thousands of pamphlets on the disease in several languages. The field workers will visit people’s houses and check the effectiveness of the sanitation system,” said Bawakid.

He said the campaign will also organize seminars and exhibitions on dengue fever.

“The field workers will visit schools and shopping centers. The campaign will also have a social media presence to enlighten as many people as possible on the dangers of the disease,” said Bawakid.