Effat University organizes women’s walk in fundraising bid

Effat University organizes women’s walk in fundraising bid

Effat University organizes women’s walk in fundraising bid

IN an effort to raise funds for 200 female students on scholarship studying at Effat University, a walkathon will kick off on Saturday at King Abdullah Economic City in partnership with the General Entertainment Authority. Over 1,000 women and students are expected to participate in the Women’s Walk for Education with pledges pouring in to help raise the necessary funds to cover the educational expenses of 200 students.

The initiative was conceived by women of Saudi Arabia, as part of the continuous support for the Kingdom’s outstanding students, in support of the Vision 2030 goal of attaining a 30 percent female representation in the work force. The initiative pledges to help fund outstanding women’s journey to get a high-quality education and face the world. An annual event, under the theme “We believe in women, wisdom is our nature, education is our wand”, focuses on educational empowerment for women in Saudi Arabia.

Participation in the walkathon is open to any female above 10. Two routes of 5 km and 10 km are mapped out. Participants, guests, attendees and donors can register online or via the ticket sales at Effat University, Chamelle, Munch and Helen’s.

For online registration visitors can log on to www.womenwisdomsa.com, register as first time users and then select participation in the walkathon. Upon paying the SR300 registration fee, the walkathon participants have the option of helping request pledge of donations from companies and individuals in support of women’s education. All funds are transferred directly into the Effat University account via the online payment system.

A special family entertainment area will be available that includes various shops and activities targeting visitors and participants’ families who wish to attend. Tickets can also be purchased online or via the sales outlets.

“As citizens, as educators, as community members it is our duty to provide the best possible opportunities for our youth the next generation of future leaders,” stated Dr. Lama Al-Suleiman, member of the Effat University Board of Trustees.

“Working within the Vision 2030 for the integration of women in the workforce and the development of innovative work opportunities our initiative Women’s Walk for Education is an integral component of such a mindset. The educational empowerment is key to helping realize such a vision and a responsibility that falls on our shoulders when we see challenges that may affect the educational potential. Seeing our community gather to raise funds, take part in the walk and be part of such an initiative truly showcases how we all come together for the common good. It also underlines the importance of educating, developing and supporting our young women make a difference as well as securing education for all women in Saudi Arabia,” Al-Suleiman said.

“We are proud and excited to see this initiative taking place and with such enthusiasm and ambition. Students, faculty, business community leaders, media, the general public have all come together to support women’s education and help fund to ensure 200 students do not lose out on their studies,” stated Dr. Haifa Jamalallail, Effat University president. “It is humbling to see such fervor and excitement for such a great cause. When you educate a woman you not only arm her with a degree but also open doors for her to help her family grow via her financial support and contribution and opening new avenues of career development for her. With our commitment to excellence, we strive to educate tomorrow’s leaders inspiring new models of learning to maximize the educational experience. We are proud of our students and what they have achieved within the university and the career paths they have chosen as graduates excelling in various industries they have chosen and we look forward to seeing more successes each and every year. We thank everyone who is taking part from participants, attendees, donors, sponsors and partners. This is a national program that is shaping the future of our next generation of leaders,” she concluded.

The Women’s Walk for Education will take place at a designated area in King Abdullah Economic City. All participating females must be on site for their briefing by 1 p.m. and the walk will commence at 4 p.m. Attending family members will be directed to the bazaar area where special activities are available. The Women’s Walk for Education is supported by a number of key organizations including: King Abdullah Economic City, Aquafina, IKEA, Tamer Group, Life Fitness, Delta Marketing Company, Chamelle Club and Spa. — SG


  1. It’s a shame to see that the world is equating learning job skills with education. The ‘education’ that a university provides is just a training to earn a living – nothing more. It doesn’t teach one to lead a life. On the other hand, the education that Islam provides is much more holistic. It teaches one how to live a complete life and how to build a society. The university education focuses on making them self-centered. I just wish our sisters see this and do not forget their important role in building a good and health society.

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