Eye from sky for safety of pilgrims

Eye from sky for safety of pilgrims

Maj. Gen. Muhammad Bin Eid Al-Harbe

Badea Abu Al-Naja
Saudi Gazette

MAKKAH — Security aircraft will be continuously hovering over Makkah and Madinah during Ramadan to monitor the movement of traffic and supervise the safety and security of pilgrims and worshippers, according to Commander of Security Aviation Maj. Gen. Muhammad Bin Eid Al-Harbe.

He told Saudi Gazette that the airbase of security aircraft in Makkah would be reinforced with additional aircraft, enough manpower and technical support.

Al-Harbe said the work of the security aviation during Ramadan is part of the Interior Ministry’s plan to provide safety and security to the guests of Allah so that they dedicate their time in worshipping during the holy month.

He said the aircraft will carry out various security and humanitarian missions and will also provide logistical support to all ministries and government departments. “We will do this by most modern aircraft which are supplied with the state-of-the-art technology for surveillance, monitoring and analysis of all security matters on the ground including traffic movement,” he said.

He said the aircraft will also participate in emergency drills that will be conducted by various government departments to check their preparedness for the fasting month.

Al-Harbe said all aircraft are supplied with night-vision equipment, thermal cameras and modern means of communication.

“The aircraft also have medical equipment to work as flying ambulances that will serve the guests of Allah in times of need,” he said.

According to him, the security aircraft will send immediate reports to the authorities concerned about the movement on the ground.

“All our aircraft are ready for take off any time to serve the pilgrims 24/7,” he said.