Fire destroys tent on mosque roof

Fire destroys tent on mosque roof

Fire rips through a tent on the roof of Othman Bin Affan Mosque in Al-Wadi District of Riyadh on Saturday. — Okaz photo

RIYADH — A fire destroyed a tent on the roof of a mosque in Riyadh on Saturday. The tent, 15 by 5 meters in area, was erected on the roof of Othman Bin Affan Mosque in Al-Wadi District to provide additional space for worshippers during the holy month of Ramadan, said Riyadh Civil Defense spokesman Capt. Mohammad Al-Hammadi. The Civil Defense firemen doused the fire before it spread to adjoining structures and no injuries or human losses were recorded.

100 Saudis lose SR20m
in recruitment scam

TAIF — The Labor Office shut down a recruitment office, which allegedly scammed over 100 Saudi citizens promising to provide them housemaids. Head of the Taif Labor Office Khalid Al-Waqdani said his office received a number of complaints regarding the recruitment office. It had scammed more than 100 Saudi clients and extorted SR20 million from them. The recruitment office reached out to clients from Riyadh, Jeddah and Taif. The people behind the scam are a group of expatriates who convinced their clients that they have recruitment offices in Riyadh, Jeddah and Taif and that they will recruit housemaids for them for a down payment. The expatriates took the money and escaped without a trace without recruiting any housemaid for the clients. The inspectors of the Labor Office arrested members of the group and they said their sponsor had instructed them to work in the night shift instead of the day so inspectors would not detect them. The owner had kept his office closed during the day with a sign saying it is under renovation. The Labor Office found out that the recruitment office is not licensed or registered and there is no data of the sponsor. The clients should have been more careful but the Labor Office will identify the sponsor and penalize him for his violation.

Expatriate arrested
for smuggling maid

HAFR AL-BATIN — An expatriate was caught trying to smuggle a housemaid out of Hafr Al-Batin governorate. Eastern Province Police spokesman Col. Ziyad Al-Ruqaiti said the police pulled over a car at a checkpoint on the border of Hafr Al-Batin governorate. The expatriate driver had an African woman sitting in the back of the car. Police questioned the driver about the woman who was not related to him in any way. Police soon discovered that the woman is an illegal resident. She was working as a housemaid for a Saudi family but then escaped from them with the help of the expatriate driver. The driver was in his 30s and he was arrested on charges of smuggling an illegal resident.

Butchery shut down
for hygiene violation

JEDDAH — Municipal inspectors shut down a butchery in Al-Harazat District of Jeddah for transporting meat inappropriately. Jeddah Municipality spokesman Omar Al-Humaidan said it received a report from a citizen saying that he saw an expatriate load the trunk of a car with meat slabs. The meat slabs were exposed to insects and dirt and the municipality immediately shut down the butchery the expatriate man worked for. The municipality will also fine the owner of the butchery for the violation.