Girl student takes the wheel to save driver

Girl student takes the wheel to save driver

Girl student takes the wheel to save driver

HAIL – Al-Ghazzalah branch of Hail University on Tuesday honored a group of girl students who saved the life of the driver of their bus with their quick thingking and action. The driver had fainted on the wheel while driving the vehicle.

Ashwaq Al-Shamri, one of the girls, rose to the occasion and drove the bus with full presence of mind, and took him to the nearby hospital, according to a report in Anha online newspaper. The girls were on their way back home after classes in the private bus that was hired to transport them.

Dr. Hanan Al-Amir, general supervisor of the girls’ section at the university branch, commended the bravery and humanitarian spirit of the girls, saying that this helped save the life of the driver.

“The university is keen in providing intensive training to students in carrying out emergency services and first aid. The girl students won accolades from the entire university staff and students as well as the community members,” she added.

The girls said that they had simply fulfilled their humanitarian duty. The driver managed to stop the bus before fainting. The girls gave him first aid and then took him to the hospital, the newspaper reported quoting the girls.


  1. Bravo to all those sisters who did this beautiful humanity with presence of mind. Islam never stopped women from driving. Islam is the only religion which opens mind in good thinking without limits. When sharia has given the rights who are we humans to stop it? Doesn’t Allah (SWT) know what is good and bad, then why this society is rejecting sharia?
    “Let women drive”

  2. how did they drive the bus .did they know to drive …?? how about licence .let them allow to drive and give them driving licence.

  3. Traditions if go against the shariah,then such traditions should be abolished because there is nothing above shariah.

  4. In an emergency, the prohibited becomes permissible in Islamic law !!
    The action taken by girls is to be appreciated.

    • Brother what do you mean by Prohibited here? Can you kindly clarify.
      Where Islam Prohibits women from driving?

      • Islam does not prohibit women driving. It is just a law of the land.
        In Islamic law everything is permitted other than, that which is prohibited by divine law.
        If this girl did not take the responsibility and do what she did,it could have ended in a
        great disaster,where all would have been killed.
        When making comments we must act responsibly and not to make fun !

  5. Why they didn’t call 911 or 999? There are concerned departments to tackle such situation. What if the girls ended up into any accident as driving a bus is not joke?

    • Khalid,
      Stop the “whys”,” buts.”and ifs.,and “what” if she ended up in an accident.???
      This is not a matter for debate. Here we see a girl thoughtfully and courageously doing something
      which saved the driver and as I said earlier, perhaps the lives of everyone in that vehicle..

  6. MashaAllah she must be rewarded as she took correct decision to save a life…such a strong skills giving by almighty Allah to all mankind…but we are one who won’t utilize it…..! Appreciated……!

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