Jeddah bomber was Daesh ‘emir’ in Hijaz

Jeddah bomber was Daesh ‘emir’ in Hijaz

Khalid Al-Sarwani (L) and Nadi Al-Enizi

By Mishal Al-Otaibi
Saudi Gazette

RIYADH — Khalid Al-Sarwani, a suicide bomber who blew himself up in Jeddah in January, was a hardcore terrorist who acted as the emir of the Daesh (so-called IS) terrorist group in Hijaz.

After his appointment as a commander of the terrorist group by the Syria-based Daesh command, Al-Sarwani got directives to carry out four terrorist attacks, including the deadly suicide attack on the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, according to security sources. His role was also obvious in the terror blast at the parking lot of Soliman Fakeeh Hospital in Jeddah on July 3 last year.

Al-Sarwani also played a leading role in the killing one of the terrorists after suspecting that he was intending to surrender to the security authorities. Al-Sarwani and Nadi Al-Enizi carried out the barbaric killing of Mute’e Salem Bin Saba’an Al-Seiri, a wanted terrorist and an expert in making suicide vests.

Al-Sarwani contacted with the Daesh command in Syria through telegram to inform about the surrender plan of Al-Seiri and got instruction to dispose him off without further delay. Eventually they slaughtered Al-Seiri and hid his body in their hideout in Al-Harazat district. When the smell emitted from the body, the terrorists wrapped the body in a carpet and took it to the rest house where it was buried in a one-meter-deep hole. Security men found out the body and DNA tests identified it to be of Al-Seiri.

Security sources disclosed that Al-Seiri made several suicide vests and trained several Daesh members in making explosive belts at the hideouts of terrorist groups in various cities across the Kingdom.

Earlier, Al-Sarwani served two years in jail and was freed after repentance and a pledge to lead a righteous life. However, he soon returned to the fold of Daesh and played a leading role in several terrorist plots and attacks. Al-Sarwani and Enizi blew themselves up on Jan. 21 after security forces laid siege to a rest house in Al-Harazat district where they were staying and planning terror activities.

‘They killed my son in cold blood’

The father of slain terror suspect, Mute’e Salem Bin Saba’an Al-Seiri, strongly approved his son›s decision to repent and join the mainstream.
Mute’e Salem was classified by the Interior Ministry as a member of the terror cell known as Harazat. However, his father asserted that all along he believed that his son would eventually realize that he was following a wrong and deviant path. He said he had been praying all through that his son would repent and get back into the mainstream.

“The announcement by the Interior Ministry classifying my son a terrorist and their belief  that he will plead guilty and hand himself over to authorities proves that my son actually realized the fruitlessness of following the deviant ideology that was destroying our religion, the citizens, and our dear nation,” the father said.

His father also reported that Mute’e Salem mother was an aged woman and all she could do was to cry over her two sons kidnapped by the terrorist group.
“I called my son several times begging him to hand himself over to the authorities. I believe that my son realized he was following the wrong path and finally responded to his conscience, our family, and our tribe.

However, it was too late for him to plead guilty as the terrorist group betrayed him and immediately killed him in cold blood. They do not want anything but to kill, destroy, and bomb citizens,” claimed the father.

“It is not strange for a terrorist group to betray themselves and prevent whoever wanted to repent and disown their radical group. This is the reason they killed him,” added the father.

“I pray Allah to keep my other sons safe and away from these radical groups. I also hope the best for this country and to save our sons from getting brainwashed and dragged into terrorism,” he added.


  1. No humanity to be shown to those who terrorize people. There must be zero tolerance. Not only ISIS there are even some outfits of Iran that are operative in eastern region and killing security officers..

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